Advantages for the cooperative

CEPSA Agroclub offers major advantages to co-operatives, providing them with:

A QUALITY IMAGE by being associated with a large company like CEPSA.

EXCLUSIVITY: They receive advantages that nobody else offers.

NO COSTS: The co-operative pays for neither the membership nor the advantages its members receive.

LOYALTY: We reward not only occasional consumption, but also the continuous supply of your members. The more you refuel in your co-operative, the more advantages you will receive.

CONFIDENTIALITY: CEPSA Agroclub rewards the overall volume of Agricultural Diesel used, while maintaining the confidentiality of the transactions.

SIMPLICITY: By adapting the management programme to your current system, you need no large databases or complex IT processes.

VALUE: Calculate for yourself how many gifts your members may receive each year. Remember that they will receive 1 point for every 10 litres transferred.

Impeccable facilities

Forget unexpected breakdowns and servicing that put your supply facility out of service. CEPSA Agroclub offers you maintenance free-of-charge.

Complete maintenance service:

  • Preventive maintenance: six-monthly visit to service the supply facility: tank, gas pump, card reader, electric panel, fire control and communications systems.
  • Corrective maintenance: in the event of a breakdown, our technical service will contact the customer within a maximum of 24 hours on business days for urgent breakdowns and within a maximum of 48 hours for other breakdowns.