The most up to date information on the world of farming and husbandry has its space in Buenas y Nuevas, the CEPSA AGRO CLUB magazine provided free of charge to all card holders.

Buenas y Nuevas provides you the most interesting news and reports at home. You can find information about fairs and exhibitions in the section "Agriculture", learn curious facts about the towns of Spain in "Our members" towns or learn about the latest advantages that may be enjoyed in "AGRO CLUB CEPSA News".

The magazine also encourages its readers to participate with their desert recipes in the section "Grandmother´s oven" and share their wisdom in "The Agrotrivial". You may also send messages to "The message board" and the youngsters may send their artwork to "The craft workshop".

If you wish to participate in the magazine, write to us at Post Office Box 19.269, 28080 Madrid.

Revista Buenas y Nuevas  Revista Buenas y Nuevas  (pdf;  2.04 MB)