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Winning is now very simple. By producing your CEPSA AGRO CLUB card, you will accumulate points and may choose marvellous prizes.

AGRO CLUB CEPSA has a Catalogue of exclusive gifts for its members and their families (more than 50 gifts to choose from) Call 902 50 30 50 and request yours.

Every three months Members receive a points statement. To exchange points for gifts just call the Member Service Line on 902 50 30 50 and within a few days your gifts will be delivered to you at home free of charge.

Points expire after three years as of the date you are notified of them for the first time and at the end of the year. This means that members can collect points and choose a larger number of gifts from the Catalogue.

Catalogue Agroclub  Catalogue Agroclub  (pdf;  30.25 MB)