Gas natural

Gas natural

One of CEPSA´s strategic targets is to be a key player in the Spanish gas sector, and the Company has therefore been making a major investment effort in this area. The development plan for this business segment seeks to gradually advance its share of the domestic natural gas market over the next years.With this aim, the company pursues a range of activities that include gas exploration, transportation and marketing.



Regarding gas natural exploration, CEPSA is currently taking part in association with Total in exploration work being conducted in Algeria, specifically in the Timimoun Basin. 

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MEDGAZ, set up in 2001 by CEPSA and Sonatrach, integrates actually in its shareholdings various international energy companies. MEDGAZ is aimed at studying, promoting, building and operating a deepwater natural gas pipeline linking Argelia directly to Europe via Spain, a strategic project for both countries. 

This gas pipeline began to function in April 2011. CEPSA will transport 1.6 billion cubic metres per year through MEDGAZ, offering a faster and more cost-effective supply of natural gas to southern Europe.

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CEPSA also re-gasifies, transports and distributes natural gas to qualified gas consumers as well as to the residential and commercial sectors through two associate companies (CEPSA Gas Comercializadora and Gas Directo).