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CHAPTER 5 Our responsible management in 2018 Social welfare

Satisfaction survey: providing a comprehensive insight into what our suppliers think of Cepsa. In 2018, satisfaction surveys were sent to the suppliers of all Cepsa s business areas, with 64% replying from 22 countries. Questions were asked in relation to communications, the purchasing process, administration, collaboration and continuous improvements. A section was also included this year on our suppliers perception of Cepsa. An average score of 7.6 points was given, which is better than in previous years.

Meetings: including during Supplier Day held at the Palos site this year, to provide an opportunity for suppliers and Cepsa staff to meet and discuss issues, which strengthens relations, looking to generate added value for both parties. Supplier care through the various communication channels, support centres and the inquiries channel, which are regularly updated on the corporate website and the private suppliers area. The latter also offers an information service and other support.

As well as one-way channels, we have launched other initiatives to find out about our suppliers views:


We are aware of how important the local communities where we operate are to the development and success of our projects. We therefore have two-way manage- ment and dialogue mechanisms in place along with our Company Relations Man- ual, which local communities can use to share their needs and concerns with us.

These also enable us to forge a healthy and long-lasting relationship with local

communities to ensure economic, social and environmental development that is mutually beneficial for everyone. The Manual comprises a raft of policies such as the Community Relations Policy, In- digenous Communities Policy and Stake- holders Relations Policy, which regulate how we engage with each of the com- munities near our facilities and projects to establish close, responsible and trans- parent relations with them.


In order to be a part of our supply chain, all suppliers must register and be ap- proved on the basis of environmental and social criteria among others.

We carried out more than 3,000 perfor- mance assessments of over 1,200 sup- pliers in 2018 covering the aforemen- tioned aspects and did not detect any serious environmental or social impacts.

During the year, we also widened our in- ternational audit programme to maxi- mize control over our supply chain.

Audits were performed during the year of the registration and performance assess- ment of 122 suppliers in the different lo- cations where we operate. At year-end 2018, 181 of Cepsa s current suppliers had valid audits.

In this respect and as part of our Corpo- rate Responsibility Master Plan, we have set a goal of putting channels of commu- nication in place that result in stable and long-lasting relations based on trust and mutual benefit.



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