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Through the Cepsa Foundation, we have launched a new edition of the Social Val- ue Awards, the goal of which is to pro- mote and offer financial support to social initiatives that work to increase the inclu- sion and well-being of vulnerable people or those at risk of social exclusion, while instilling charitable values among Cep- sa s employees.

In 2018, we received entries from 390 projects in Spain, Portugal, Colombia and Brazil championed by Cepsa staff, 35 of which were selected that focus on child welfare and health, mental illness, disa- bility, social exclusion and food require- ments, among others.

Social Value Awards


BRAZIL Over the year much of our work has centered on medical care and social inclusion through projects such as purchasing resources in Braille for the visually impaired, pro- viding medical and dental supplies for children at risk of social exclusion, or blood do- nation campaigns among staff that also involve raising awareness of the importance of giving blood.

CANADA Our work with the Quebec Biodiversity Centre stands out for the year. This organization has been working since 1997 to educate young people and adults about the importance of conserving biodiversity in our urban areas and sustainable development.

COLOMBIA In 2018, we continued to support the development of fish farming among the popu- lation of the area of influence of the Caracara field, improving their life plans through transformation, commercialization and marketing of their products. Work has also started to encourage the formation of associations and cooperatives. In addition, we have participated in the Niños y jóvenes constructores de sueños [Young dream builders] project in partnership with municipal institutions in Puerto Gaitán to engage the local school community (parents, teachers and pupils) and tack- le the problem of children and young people in the town who are at risk of social ex- clusion.



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