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CHAPTER 5 Our responsible management in 2018 Social welfare

PERU Each year, we run several social campaigns to support our communities where we identify there is a need. A stand-out project is the Schools Campaign through which we supply furniture and learning resources for children and teachers at schools lying with- in the area of influence of the Ucayali asset. Another is the Medical Campaign in part- nership with Peru s navy through which we provide support to offer general health and dental care, help with personal hygiene and basic medical supplies.

PORTUGAL In the 2018 edition of the Social Value Awards, four projects received funding, which focus on: humanitarian aid and support for extremely vulnerable immigrants and refu- gees; home support for babies with medical problems and families who do not receive the support they need from social services; help for children and young people in care to fully realise their potential and ensure their mental well-being; and improvements to the connection and facilities of a multisensory therapy centre for people with learn- ing disabilities.

THAILAND Working with the Royal Forest Department and the local community, this year we were involved in a reforestation project in the provinces of Chiang Mai and Tak to increase the involvement of our staff and locals in protecting the natural resources in our spheres of influence. We have also run beach clean-ups, along with a programme on how to sep- arate waste and raise awareness of the importance of recycling and cutting the use of plastics.

SPAIN We run a raft of social, environmental, cultural, sports and scientific-educational initi- atives with each of the local communities in Spain where we operate. One of the most important projects in 2018 was run out of our corporate headquarters: Ningún niño sin sillita [No kids without a seat] to donate child car seats to families facing finan- cial hardship. Another was our involvement in the COMFUTURO Programme through an agreement between the Cepsa Foundation and the General Foundation of Further Scientific Research Centres (Fundación General del Centro Superior de Investigaciones Científicas). At the Gibraltar field, we ran a Memory Workshop over the year in which specialists and volunteers worked on programmes to help the elderly retain their men- tal faculties. In order to further inclusion of disabled people through the use of new technologies, we took part in a virtual reality project that has given these people a unique view of the Places of Columbus tourist route and historic monuments in Huel- va. Working with the Moguer Town Council s Sports Board (Huelva) we have encour- aged participation in outdoor sports; and in San Roque (Cádiz) we have run environmen- tal education and social inclusion activities at the Madrevieja environmental research centre. Another key project is Canarias Conduce Segura [Safe driving in the Canary Islands] to educate children and young people about road safety, along with our actions to promote grass roots sports through collaborations with municipal organizations and schools and increase participation in sports, especially among children, young people and those with disabilities.

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