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RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT Our investments in research and development continuously help to enhance operations and devise new ideas and projects such as methods for recovering crude oil in mature oil fields or the development of a new marine fuel compliant with the latest regulations.

ATTRACTING TALENT Our company is acknowledged as a leading employer, and attracting and retaining talent is one of its priorities.

WELL KNOWN BRAND We have a strong retail fuel business, which is focused on the client, in Iberia, and leadership in our commercial channels.

We are energy producers. This is a huge privilege, yet also a great responsibility given the levels of excellence we work to achieve in everything we do, from

manufacturing our products to the pro- cesses we use and services we offer. Our business is built on three main pillars:

Energy production and availability are key drivers for the progress and devel- opment of a community. We therefore bring together experience, know-how, re- search, technical capabilities and tech- nology innovation to reach our goal: to provide people with the energy they need.

Our identity stands us apart, and we make a difference everywhere we oper- ate. Through technical excellence and

our ability to adapt we bring the best of energy to every reality, meeting the needs of all our different customers. Our unique character is reflected in our prod- ucts and services, as well as the messag- es we send out to society and to each of our stakeholders.


TECHNICAL CULTURE A combination of specialization, efficiency and know-how enables us to offer superior energy solutions.

GLOBAL VISION To become one of

the most important international energy

companies. FOCUS ON SERVICE Founded on our proximity to customers, flexibility and pledge to society, among others.


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