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SOCIAL WELFARE The ethical framework we have defined for the Cepsa Foundation and the social action strategy we implement are designed to maximize the Foundation s resources and the impact of its programmes.

CORPORATE GOVERNANCE We work to ensure we follow best practice with respect to Corporate Governance and Corporate Responsibility Management.

RESPONSIBLE SUPPLY CHAIN We encourage the application of our values and standards throughout our supply chain.

ETHICS AND COMPLIANCE All our activities are governed by a solid regulatory and ethical framework that is understood and applied by all our employees.

ENVIRONMENT We apply best practices to enable us to manage our environmental performance and the risks and opportunities involved more efficiently, in particular with respect to water resources and climate change.

SAFETY We develop tools that enable us to meet our duty to protect the safety of employees, the environment, and our stakeholders, as well as our assets, information processes and reputation.

TALENT To meet our strategic goals we develop management models that ensure we have a diverse workforce of committed and talented people, with the skills and training to meet those goals.

INNOVATION We encourage environments that help generate innovative ideas and techniques to improve process efficiency throughout the entire value chain.

TRANSPARENCY We follow best practice concerning transparency in our reporting processes and maintain appropriate communication channels with stakeholders.

SUSTAINABLE GROWTH The three pillars underpinning our strategy for sustainable growth are risk management, brand value and customer focus.

CHAPTER 5 Our responsible management in 2018 Our management approach


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