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Another issue that has recently arisen is that of the right to disconnect, where reg- ulation is needed in response to the wide- spread emergence of new technologies and the globalization of the workplace. We are working on establishing a spe- cific policy to handle this issue, which is currently being negotiated with workers' representatives within the framework of our policy on flexible working hours and the regulatory framework governing our operations.

This policy will guarantee compliance with the guidelines contained in each col-

lective bargaining agreement and ensure that working conditions, timetables and the flexibility of working hours are appro- priate for each post, the employee who occupies it, the business and the moment in time.

We also provide all employees with a range of benefits such as pension plans, life insurances or saving systems to which we contribute and report annual- ly. The contribution percentage from em- ployees and from our company are given by the professional category and the reg- ulating salary:

Benefit Plans contributions value (thousands of euros)

Men Women Total

Total Pension Plans Contribution 5,677 1,744 7,412

Total Life Insurance Contribution (complimentary to pension plans) 5,782 883 6,665

Total Saving Systems Contribution 11,450 2,627 14,077


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