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Training by gender

Hours of training Hours of training per employee/year

2018 1 2017 2 2018 1 2017 2

Women 52,407 43,124 14.7 14.5

Men 221,108 165,438 35.0 30.7

Total 273,515 208,562 27.7 25.0

1 Data for Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, Italy, The Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and United Kingdom. 2 Data for Spain.

Cepsa makes every effort to ensure that its employees are fairly paid in line with their performance and post, in accord- ance with the socio-economic situation of the countries in which we operate and

objectively reflecting the value of the work done by each employee. Our Com- pensation and Benefits Policy is based on the following principles:


MOTIVATION The policy is designed to recognize the contribution made and encourage employees to take on responsibilities.

EXTERNAL COMPETITIVENESS Salaries are reviewed annually with input from major international consultants specialising in compensation and benefits.

INTERNAL EQUITY Our Classification systems ensure posts throughout the organization are given equal treatment.

SUSTAINABILITY It is important to ensure that the Company is able to sustain the levels of pay awarded and these reflect the business realities facing Cepsa and the markets and legislative environments in which it works.


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