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We also have emergency and response programs to combat any accidental spill- ages that could occur in our facilities. These programs follow corporate proce- dures in the event of accidents, activating protocols in accordance with the severi- ty and location of the spill to provide the

best response in each case. The most se- rious spills that occurred in the year, for which cleanup plans were implemented to mitigate their impact on health, safety and the surrounding area, are disclosed below:

Significant registered spillages 1

Spill type Volume (m3) Location Material

Alkylate spill during draining of pump S-P103. 0,71 Gibraltar San Roque Refinery Alkylate

Fuel spill from el Barranco condensate line 0,63 Tenerife Refinery Fuel

Cut-off (Marine Breakaway Coupling, MBC) in aft deck floating hose lines during vessel-to-vessel unloading of B/T NORDIC LIGHT tanker at La Rábida Refinery

1 La Rábida Refinery Crude oil

Leak of MARPOL hydrocarbon contaminated water onto Port Authority land from a slops line running from the Torre Arellinas floating jetty to La Rábida Refinery

6 La Rábida Refinery

Hydrocarbon contaminated


Overflow from YT583 benzene tank. 0,876 Gibraltar San Roque Refinery Benzene

Motor fuel (Diesel A) spill during unloading leading to spillage from manhole cover. 6

Cedipsa 17424 Villagaton II

Service Station. Diesel

Total 15,996

1 Data drawn from an internal control tool covering the whole of Spain and the Refining, Commercial, Chemicals, Gas and Electricity businesses and refers to the most typical events in terms of volume and type of spillage. Incidents in the E&P business are reported per the working interest in the assets and under operational conditions, reporting spills of more than 1 bbl affecting the environment, in line with International Oil & Gas Producers (IOPG) reporting criteria.

CHAPTER 5 Our responsible management in 2018 Safety

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