Contracts and Procurements Process

Those companies willing to participate in a Procurement Process have to be aware that all dialogue shall take place through Cepsa´s C&P Department, complying with the following: 

  1. Invited Suppliers to a tender/auction will access through C2S Platform[4], to ensure transparency throughout the process.

  2. Only those Suppliers with a valid or a homologated registration shall be successful bidders in Cepsa´s purchasing processes.

  3. All Suppliers eager to provide goods or services to CEPSA Group must register in Cepsa Sourcing & Suppliers (C2S) Platform, through Cepsa Reserved Area.[1]

  4. To participate in the Purchasing Process, the Supplier must have completed its registration in Cepsa Suppliers, within the C2S platform. The registration will be approved by Cepsa.[2]

  5. The Supplier, when registering and participating in the Purchasing Process, will accept Cepsa´s General Terms and Conditions as well as the Suppliers Code of Conduct.[3]

  6. Suppliers will have access to all Tenders and Auctions Conditions and Technical specifications through C2S Platform, being this the only communication channel with Cepsa during the process.

  7. All doubts and clarifications during the process shall be communicated through C2S Platform using the Message Area available in each RFP.

  8. Suppliers must tender separately their technical and economic offers in the corresponding envelope. By no means shall they communicate their offers through other channels, nor through Cepsa Staff who may require it avoiding the platform. Technical offers will not have prices nor economic conditions.

  9. Cepsa reserves the right to decline the winner offer if it considers that the offer does not comply with the established criteria as well as the right to exclude in a bidding process those Suppliers not complying with Cepsa´s conditions.

  10. The fact that a Supplier turns out the winner in a bidding process does not mean there is a direct award, the process will have finished when it has been formalized on a contract/offer depending on how it has been agreed. By no means will an accrual/vesting for good providing or services be accepted before this formalization has been done.



Cepsa appreciates the following during the purchasing process:

  • The Supplier establishes the appropriate dialogue levels and channels for a fluent and effective commercial communication.
  • The Supplier performance is transparent throughout the procurement process and complies with all the process requirements (registration, documentation, delivery terms, etc.) and uses all the appropriate channels to present the technical and economic offers.
  • The Supplier collaborates during the contract or PO validity period, providing all the information required for an easier tracking and accomplishment of the economic and operational objectives, always ensuring availability and proactivity.
  • The Supplier constantly works in conflict resolution, introducing mutual concern solutions.
  • The Supplier is willing to collaborate with CEPSA requirements and offers appropriate tools to accomplish them.
  • The Supplier participates with product and service improvement proposals, suggesting ways to reduce costs or to increase efficiency (proposals regarding the following shall be highly graded: economic saving, improvement of deadlines and increasing equipment reliability/environment and security/energetic efficiency).
  • The Supplier follows CEPSA ethical standards (the supplier performance is ethical, ensures legality and shows transparency, constantly working against conflicts of interest and corruption).     



[1]To register through Cepsa Website, General Conditions of Site Use must be accepted. These are located under the Legal Notice of www.cepsa.com.

[2] The self-registration guide and the Flowchart are available in the Supplier Public Area.

[3] General Terms and Conditions as well as the Suppliers Code of Conduct are available in Cepsa Website, under the Supplier Public Area. Any infringement of the Ethical Conduct Code can be a reason for contract termination.

[4] The Conditions referred to electronic bidding participation, which appear during the process, must be accepted.