Private Area

If you already have a username and password given by CEPSA Group, you will be able to access three different interfaces where the following transactions can be performed:

1) C2S (CEPSA Sourcing and Suppliers) platform

2) Tenders and SRM Auctions

  • Access to SRM tool for tenders and auctions
  • Access to SRM tutorials
  • Download documents (General Purchasing and Contracting Conditions, Bidding Specifications and Technical Specifications)

2) Self-billing

  • Consult the status of your deliveries and invoices
  • Download electronic self-billing invoices issued by CEPSA Group companies
  • Personal date update
  • Access to fiscal information (347)

SAC : 902 090 419 / atencion.cliente@cepsa.com

  • If you aren't a registered user Sign-up