Suppliers Code of Conduct

Cepsa has a new framework of ethical conduct for governing the relations with its Suppliers

Cepsa is committed to establishing a framework of trust and collaboration with its suppliers of goods and services; therefore, Cepsa has approved a "Supplier Code of Conduct" which faithfully reflects this framework for maintaining stable and long-lasting business relations in order to attain continuous improvement and excellence in procurement and purchasing processes.

Suppliers Code of Conduct

Cepsa expects all suppliers to share the basic principles contained in this "Supplier Code of Conduct" and respect Cepsa’s good governance commitment by applying this Code to their activity and the activity of their parent and subsidiary companies, and to ensure that their own suppliers and subcontractors also respect principles similar to those herein contained.

All suppliers and contractors of Cepsa shall adhere to this Code and to all the basic principles of conduct contained herein, and shall include this Code as an attachment to their own contracts. Cepsa reserves the right to terminate any contractual relationship with suppliers or contractors who violate any of these principles.

For ensuring compliance with this “Supplier Code of Conduct”, Cepsa has a procedure in place to report incidents or irregularities on its website


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