Ethics and Compliance Channel

The purpose of the Ethics and Compliance Channel is to for communicateing incidents and reporting irregularities concerning all that is governedall that is governed by the Code of Ethics and Conduct of the Cepsa Group.

It must be used exclusively for communicating complaints and/or irregularities that relate to the following matters:

  • Bribery or extortion (including those relating to relationships with a customer/supplier directly connected to the activities of the Cepsa Group).
  • Conflicts of Interest.
  • Misappropriation and misuse of corporate assets.
  • Irregularities related to financial reporting, including those related to banking transactions.
  • Any other alleged breach of regulatory principles set out in Cepsa Code of Ethics and Conduct and Directives committed by Cepsa Group companies or their employees.

We remind you that the communications or complaints must always meet the be made under the ccriteria of truth, clarity and completeness, and must not be used to achieve anything but the aims objectives other than those defined in the Code of Ethics and Conduct. If facts known to be false are reported, or if allegations are made with reckless disregard for the truth, the complainant may be subject to criminal or civil liability.

The Ethics and Compliance Channel must not be used for filing complaints or claims regarding the quality of products and services of the Cepsa Group. These will only be responded to by addressed through Customer Service

The data on incidents and complaints will be treated confidentially by Cepsa as set out in our investigation procedure. For more information, see the Legal Notice of this website.

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