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Where does energy come from? Our Exploration and Production unit has a diverse portfolio of assets across all types of geographies.

Our projects cover both onshore production in the Algerian desert, the jungle in Peru and plains of Colombia, as well as offshore in Abu Dhabi, Thailand, and Malaysia.


We are an important player in the upstream sector with over 30 years of experience. We operate the second largest oilfield in Algeria alongside state-owned company Sonatrach, and we are one of the most significant petrol companies in Colombia.


      1. Human team. Our experts are one of our main assets. We have a multi-cultural, international and specialist team of both sexes, and we are always looking to attract the best talent.
      2. Flexibility. We have a great ability to develop and successfully carry out highly technical projects across a wide range of operating environments, in collaboration with the leading national companies in the Exploration and Production sector.
      3. Efficient, safe and high quality processes. We work to the highest standards of safety and quality, and an example of this is the Carbon Footprint Certification at our BMS oilfield in Algeria. And all of our installations, whether they are operated by Cepsa or not, are always organized under a centralized management system.


Over the last few years we have considerably increased our international presence. We work across 4 continents and we continue to grow globally.

Over 30 years of experience in the Exploration and Production of oil and natural gas has made us one of the best operators in the sector overseas. We have presence in Spain, Latin America, North Africa, the Middle East, and Asia, with gross production of over 175,000 barrels a day.


        1. Algeria: We develop our business in five fields: Ourhoud (ORD), Rhourde el Krouf (RKF), Timimoun, Rhourde er Rouni II and Bir el Msana. The ORD oilfield is the largest oil producing field for the business area.
        2. Colombia: Our main asset is the production field of Caracara, where we have managed to maximize production since 2008. We also carry out exploration and production in the Casanare region and in the basin of the Valle Superior del Río Magdalena.
        3. Perú: Our operations are taking place in block 131 of the Ucayali basin. This block is where we discovered the Los Angeles field, which is currently in production, and we also have an additional extensive area with great exploratory potential there.
        4. Thailand and Malaysia. We arrived in South-East Asia in 2014 following the acquisition of E&P business Coastal Energy. 



Safety is our top priority and we are committed to sustainability and social responsibility in the communities where we operate.


In areas most in need of aid, we take part in projects to promote their development and generate a positive impact. We have social management teams which help provide essential services such as water, sanitary products and school materials.


The environment is another of our commitments. We stand out among our competitors, partners, and stakeholders for the work we do to reduce emissions, treat water, and for our contamination prevention systems.



Another of our values is the innovation and technological know-how we bring to projects. We have a long list of success stories in this area.


        1. We have developed Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) technologies that optimize crude production and improve the potential final extraction from reserves.
        2. The Increased Water Handling (IWH) project helped us to increase the production capacity at the Ourhoud field in Algeria, by treating higher volumes of water and reinjecting it back into the field. 
        3. We have successfully implemented production systems to improve the efficiency of extraction from oil wells through Water Alternating Gas (WAG) injection.




Exploration and Production at Cepsa (ADIPEC 2018)



Over the last few years we have considerably increased our international presence. We work across 4 continents and we continue to grow