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Working toward the same objective — for customers to find all their energy solutions at Cepsa.

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We work to ensure that our customers can find all the energy solutions suitable for their needs at Cepsa. In addition, we want to ensure that your experience at Cepsa is always highly satisfactory. We are committed to continuous, high quality improvement that prioritizes the safety of our employees, customers and facilities at all times.

Solutions for mobility

Through an extensive network of nearly 1,800 service stations, we offer our customers multiple energy solutions for mobility

    • Electric charging: in collaboration with IONITY, we promote long-distance electric mobility with high-power charging stations powered by 100% renewable energy.
    • Natural gas vehicles (NGV): natural gas is a sustainable mobility alternative for light vehicles (CNG) and heavy transport vehicles (LNG). 
    • Autogas or LPG: autogas, or liquefied petroleum gas, is a more sustainable type of fuel because it has low emissions.
    • Traditional fuels: diesel and gasoline. We incorporate 9.5% renewable energy, in the form of biofuels, into our fuels.

We have service stations in Spain, Portugal, Andorra, Gibraltar, Morocco and Mexico.

Fuels for homes and businesses

We have a large distribution network of gas oils for heating with supply to homes and companies.

Butante & Propane

We supply butane and propane. Our bottles are available at more than 2,000 outlets and we supply them to homes through a wide network of distributors. We also distribute bulk propane for transportation, homes and industrial facilities, among others.

Aviation fuels

We supply our aviation fuels to major national and international airlines. Through our subsidiaries CMD, Cepsa Aviación and Spanish Intoplane Service (SIS) we provide storage and loading services.


Learn about our aviation products and services.


We develop, manufacture and supply bitumen emulsions, modified bitumens and special products for diverse applications: road construction, industry, sports tracks and waterproofing of walls, among many others.

We use the CE marking for bitumens and cationic emulsions. This enables us to sell and export the asphalt we produce in our refineries and factories throughout the whole of the European Union. We also export to the rest of the world, especially North Africa.

Find out more about our asphalt business.


We are a leaders in the Spanish lubricant market, where we sell and distribute these products under the Cepsa and Ertoil brands. We have varied products such as base oils, paraffins, greases and finished lubricants, for vehicles, industry and shipping.


Take a look at our extensive range of lubricants and maintenance products.

Basic petrochemicals

We principally sell raw materials such as benzene, toluene, solvents, propylene, xylene and cyclohexane, produced at our chemicals plants.


In addition to different energy solutions, we offer various products and services to suit our customer's needs, both professional and personal.

Our offerings aimed at professional transport covers services such as means of payment, electronic toll devices and services such as technical assistance or VAT recovery. We offer our individual clients consumer financing, loyalty cards and payment cards, as well as a multitude of benefits through the partnerships we have with various partners.

As part of our commitment to digitization, products can be purchased and orders placed through our app or website. Sign up online and access services such as electronic billing or consumer records.

Bunker Fuels

We have been supplying marine fuels produced in our refineries since 1929. We are one of the leading companies in Spain and a world-renowned supplier. Thanks to our integrated business, extensive experience and determined commitment to research, we have premium products that are specifically designed to meet all our customers' needs, as well offering the highest quality and reliability. The recognition we have received over the decades and the authenticity that the Cepsa brand represents, have led us to offer the best.

Our objective is to continue to be leaders in this sector while helping reduce emissions, not only when docked at port but also at sea. Our supplies are delivered through pipelines, tanker trucks or through a barge service, all of which use mass flow meters, making our operations even more trustworthy while following the strictest safety and quality standards.

In addition to being a market leader, we are also in the process of evaluating the expansion of our international bunkering activities in ports around the world.

Find out more about all our bunker products and services.

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