Cepsa and Fundación Cepsa actions to support the fight against COVID-19


    • Cepsa has delivered individual protection equipment (glasses, gloves and coverall suits) to the Huelva and Campo de Gibraltar’s health management areas within the Andalusian Health Service, to contribute to the protection of health personnel in hospitals; and nearly 5,000 blankets for several hospitals in the Community of Madrid.
    • Donation of aviation fuel for the transfer of personnel and sanitary material in Spain through the NGO Aviación Sin Fronteras (Aviation Without Borders).
    • Support in Madrid for the temporary hospital in IFEMA through the Campo de las Naciones service station, offering free car-washing service, coffee, bottled water and sandwiches for taxi drivers, health personnel and members of the UME (Military Emergency Unit).
    • Delivery of free food products for healthcare and transport professionals at our service stations (30,000 Danone products and 6,000 Kaiku products).
    • More than 800 service stations are offering free bottles of water for healthcare and law enforcement personnel throughout the country. In Portugal, coffee and biscuits are also being given to these groups.
    • Donation of 1,500 protective masks for medical personnel in Wuhan (China) and blood donation campaigns in the country.
    • The workers of the Tenerife Refinery have made a donation of around € 80,000 to 30 Tenerife non-profit organisations that are working to tackle the crisis produced by COVID-19.

Fundación Cepsa: 

        • Cepsa professionals and its foundation have contributed to strengthen the Spanish Food Bank campaign which will help to cover the needs of the most vulnerable groups caused by COVID-19 situation. Thus, it has donated € 320,000 to the Spanish Federation of Food Banks, which will be transformed in 480,000 kilos of food, which will help to respond to the health emergency that is affecting the most disadvantaged by the pandemic. Specifically, the contribution made by Cepsa professionals and Fundación Cepsa, will give 3,200 people access to food over the next two months.
        • Fundación Persán and Fundación Cepsa are collaborating to provide a donation of 180,000 euros, jointly financed by the two foundations, which will enable the supply of 180 tons of detergent for laundry and home care. Thanks to this collaboration, 18,000 vulnerable families affected by the COVID-19 crisis in Seville, Huelva and Campo de Gibraltar will benefit.
        • Fundación Cepsa has also made available to the Spanish Red Cross a grant of € 15,000 to support urgent medical movements of people affected by COVID-19. In this way, our Foundation will partially collaborate in the mobilization of 100 ambulances in two months.
        • Moreover, Fundación Cepsa has delivered fuel cards worth € 50,000, which it has granted to health authorities in Madrid and the Canary Islands; and € 20,000 granted to the Civil Protection Services of Huelva and Cádiz, to collaborate in health trips related to the COVID-19, as well as for other groups that are also actively working on this crisis.
        • In the framework of its corporate volunteering program, Voluntas, Fundación Cepsa has launched several online volunteering initiatives to support the elderly and the sick. Cepsa professionals can collaborate by offering support by telephone, an initiative started by Cáritas, and sending encouragement cards promoted by the organization NadieSolo.
        • Contribution of 20,000 euro to the Programa de Garantía Alimentaria (Food Guarantee Program) run by the council in San Roque (Cadiz), which are being used exclusively to buy new products and non-perishable food. In particular, this will help the families left most vulnerable by the COVID-19 crisis.
        • Donation of various medical materials (gloves, hydroalcoholic gel, masks, surgical gowns and caps, etc.) in the areas of Colombia where we work: Aguazul, Maní and Tauramena.
        • Donation of €10,000 in fuel cards in Portugal for the delivery of food to vulnerable families.

        • Together with the Huelva City Council and in collaboration with the Virgen de Belén Culinary School and other third sector organisations in Huelva, Fundación Cepsa contributes to the maintenance of the emergency kitchen that is meeting the needs of families affected by the COVID-19 crisis.
        • In coordination with the Portuguese Federation of Food Banks against Hunger, la Fundación Cepsa offers an emergency aid in the form of food delivery to the families impacted by COVID-19 that have been left without work or any income.
        • Fundación Cepsa in Algeria has donated medical supplies to the Ministry of Health and Population in the Ouargla province in order to help manage the health crisis caused by the COVID-19. 500 COVID-19 rapid test kits, 25,000 units of latex gloves, 5,000 surgical masks and 95 containers of hydroalcoholic gel have been delivered.
        • The Cepsa Foundation in Portugal has donated 5,000 euros in fuel for the "Cama Solidaria" project. It is a solidarity movement, created by the marketing agency UppOut, aimed at putting private car caravans at the service of health professionals so that they can rest during their long shifts. This project already has more than 3,000 volunteers and 600 auto caravans.

Fundación Persán and Fundación Cepsa donate detergent to vulnerable families