At Cepsa we have maintained our industrial activity during the health crisis as part of the critical infrastructures defined by the CNPIC (National Center for Infrastructure Protection and Cybersecurity).

In addition, we have a strong purpose and responsibility to using our work to contribute to combatting COVID-19, as well as to slowing its spread.


Products manufactured at Cepsa's chemical plants worldwide have a wide variety of sanitary and hygiene uses:

    1. LAB (Linear alkylbenzene)

      Is used as a raw material in the production of detergents (textiles, dishwashers, etc.), which are essential for hygiene. Cepsa is one of the world'slargest manufacturers of this raw material with a 15% market share thanks to production in Spain (Andalusia), Canada and Brazil. We have taken responsibility for ensuring that this product is available to meet the global demand caused by the health crisis.

    2. Plant-based alcohols

      They are produced in our chemical plants in Indonesia and Germany. These products, of bio origin, are essential for personal care and hygiene products, detergents, the pharmaceutical industry, food, solvents, cosmetics and coating and waxes, among other applications. 

    3. Phenol

      It is produced in Spain to manufacture polycarbonate, which is used for hospital beds, as well as in the protective screens used inpublic buildings, ventilators, oxygen equipment, protective glasses for health professionals, thermometers and the insulation and construction materials for field hospitals. This product is also necessary in the pharmaceutical industry to manufacture the active ingredients in drugs, such as antibiotics or aspirin. 

    4. Acetone

      It is a base raw material for manufacturing alcoholic gels, the demand for which has also increased due to COVID-19. Acetone also serves as a base manufacturing the adhesives and inks used to label of drugs, as well as to manufacture bandages and PPE such as disposable nitrile gloves.