Within our organization, we have developed and strengthened measures that help to curb the epidemic without slowing down our own operations. This is essential for maintaining a constant energy supply, which is so important at complex times like these.


The health and safety of the more than 10,000 employees working at Cepsa is our top priority. Without them, it would be impossible to ensure the supply of energy and chemical products that is so vitally needed.


 Many Cepsa employees have been able to take advantage of things like working from home to enhance their work-life balance for six years, but during confinement we have extended this to all staff who don't need to be physically on-site to do their work. Furthermore, our professionals are gradually incorporating into their workplaces with a system of phases, whose objective is to guarantee their health and safety, avoiding the presence of a large volume of people in the same space. Additionally, we keep on limiting travel, meetings, and face-to-face training. The reason? To protect their health and help curb the spread of the virus. We have also expanded our training offer, in order to continue to ensure that our employees are the best.

Face-to-face work centers: Industrial facilities and service stations

We have implemented specific cleaning measures at all centers, and particularly at points of sale. We have also implemented the hygiene measures recommended by the Ministry of Health, and carried out the necessary operations to fulfill regulatory requirements in terms of environmental protection and sustainability.

Personal protection on an individual level 

We are running an intensive awareness communication campaign aimed at all our employees to reiterate the hygienic-sanitary measures that should be taken on a personal level to minimize the risk of contracting and spreading COVID-19. 

Essential services with maximum guarantees 

From our electrical office to our service stations and our propane and butane gas bottle and fuel distribution network… we're still working so that we don't run out of energy. We continue normal home deliveries (direct sales and butane and propane distribution) and deliveries to service stations, where for months we have installed screens and lines on the ground to show where you need to stand to ensure social distancing. 

We can do it together!


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