Cepsa deploys a special logistics unit to reinforce the summer fire-fighting campaign in La Gomera

21 Jun 2019

Through its subsidiary Cepsa Aviación, Cepsa has deployed a special logistical unit that will reinforce the summer fire-fighting campaign on the island of La Gomera. Its human and material resources are provided in coordination with the Directorate General of Security and Emergencies of the Canary Islands Government.

An approved 30,000 kerosene liter supply vehicle for Jet A-1 turbine engines, and an operator, will be available at the Island's airport 24 hours a day to supply airplanes and helicopters that may have to be called out to deal with fires during the summer months.


This task force, which will be carrying out flights until 31 October, will assist in the day-to-day tasks of field surveillance and supervision and ensure that emergency action is arranged where necessary.


Cepsa is also prepared to meet further demand and transport the staff necessary for actions that require a greater volume of fuel than the fuel stored on La Gomera.


Cepsa has taken part in this task force for the last seven years, and during that time there have been rescues at sea, extinctions of forest fires and medical evacuations during the summer season.


This is the eighth year that Cepsa is taking part in this campaign, which in the past has played a key role in successful resolving emergencies. It is doing so mindful of its responsibility toward the people of the Canary Islands and safety in all aspects of its activity.

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A 30,000 liter kerosene supply vehicle
  • A 30,000 liter kerosene supply vehicle