Cepsa partners with startup innovation platform Plug and Play to address future energy challenges

19 Jul 2018

    • The initiative reflects the Company’s commitment to promoting innovative solutions regarding future challenges for the energy industry

Cepsa today announced a partnership with Silicon Valley based startup innovation platform Plug and Play to help address challenges in the future energy landscape. The partnership focus areas include the digitalization of the energy value chain, mobility and home energy solutions.

The agreement is testament to Cepsa’s investment in innovation to meet the energy challenges of the future. Plug and Play is an innovation platform uniting companies and connecting them to the unique resources in Silicon Valley, in Germany, through StartupAutobhan, and other major technology hubs across the world.

Cepsa is committed to working closely with startups in order to reach these goals. This initiative reflects the company’s commitment to promote innovative solutions related to future energy challenges.

“Our goal is to build a close relationship with the startup community to help drive the development of the energy solutions our customers require in the 21st century,” said Héctor Perea, Cepsa’s Director of Strategy.

“We are thrilled to welcome our newest partner Cepsa to the Plug and Play corporate ecosystem,” said Jackie Hernández, SVP of operations at Plug and Play. “This partnership plays a significant role in expanding our global footprint to the Spanish market.”

Wade Bitaraf, founder of Energy & Sustainability practice at Plug and Play, commented: “We have seen a major transformation in the energy industry over the past five years. Our partners in the Oil and Gas sector collaborate with us to accelerate the adoption of new technologies that reduce environmental impact and increase operational efficiency while maximizing business opportunities.”

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