Cepsa re-opens more than 250 stores at its Service Stations to help supply essential products

03 Apr 2020

    • These establishments are located in heavily transited areas or in areas where the operation of these premises is essential to locals
    • The facilities have been fitted with acrylic screens, PPE and other hygiene measures to protect the health of professionals and customers
    • In addition, the company has increased its food take out service, which is available at over 700 service stations in its network
    • Cepsa is also collaborating with health workers, members of the UME (Military Emergencies Unit) and taxi drivers working at the temporary IFEMA hospital in Madrid

Today, Cepsa has begun re-opening over 250 stores across its network of Service Stations. During the last few weeks the company has continued to serve customers store products through its service windows and has now implemented a series of safety measures to make it easier for customers to purchase essential goods. Starting today and over the weekend, the company will be implementing new hygiene and safety measures to protect the health of its employees and customers. It will do so by installing acrylic screens at cash registers, signaling safe social distancing using stickers, as well as providing antibacterial gel and gloves to customers, and all the PPE that professionals could need (masks, gloves, etc.).

The company has identified more than 250 stores located in Service Stations directly managed by Cepsa in areas where there is increased transit or where the operation of these facilities is essential for the nearby population. These safety measures have also been installed in over 100 Cepsa Service Stations which are managed by third parties, so they can also benefit from them. 

Depending on the size of each store, a maximum number of customers allowed in the store at any one time has been defined. In any case, customers should always maintain a safe distance of at least two meters from others.  

At the same time, in order to help professional drivers, Cepsa has expanded its take out meal service, which is available at almost 700 service stations across its network. 

Supporting the IFEMA field hospital

In conjunction with the above-mentioned actions, at its service station in Campo de las Naciones—which is closest to the large temporary hospital at Madrid's exhibition center—Cepsa is offering a free car wash service for cab drivers who are helping to transport patients and healthcare workers. At this establishment, Cepsa is also offering free coffee, bottled water and sandwiches to taxi drivers, healthcare workers and UME members. In addition, this week the company donated 5,000 blankets to several health centers in the Community of Madrid and to the temporary hospital at IFEMA. 

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