Cepsa's WePioneer Awards recognize a project of photovoltaic charging facilities

19 Jun 2019

    • The company has launched a program called WePioneer to recognize suppliers who share Cepsa’s values.
    • The winning project was “Modular photovoltaic charging facilities” by Ipsum Montajes, which is looking to implement electric recharging stations powered by photovoltaic energy.
    • This first edition has been staged at national level and aims to reward initiatives that focus on innovation.

The WePioneer program, launched by Cepsa, seeks to recognize suppliers who share the company’s values: sustainability, safety, continuous improvement, technical excellence and leadership. With these values in mind, the first edition of the supplier recognition program has focused on innovation applied to management and daily operations.

Cepsa has named the initiative presented by Ipsum Montajes as the winning project in this edition. The project envisions the implementation at service stations of a modular system of electric charging facilities powered by photovoltaic energy. The project also features a system for tracking and storing the energy generated for vehicle charging, along with an app that shows customers the remaining range on their vehicle, the distance to nearby charging points and how much it will cost.

The winning project by Ipsum Montajes, a company specializing in industrial assembly, was selected for its viability, originality, efficiency, use of new technologies and close identification with Cepsa’s own values. Meanwhile, two other projects were named the runners-up: “eLearning and simulation platform”, by Stratesys Technology Solutions, and “Autostore system for the automatic storage of small parts”, by Buhlman Spain. The first of these envisions the development of an employee training platform available 24 hours a day and designed with artificial intelligence algorithms known as learning analytics, relying on big data and virtual reality environments. The second project envisions a storage system for small parts made from aluminum and featuring a stackable honeycomb structure. It utilizes robotics to move automatically, thus optimizing and speeding up the order process by having orders processed and dispatched within three hours.

A total of 47 entries were submitted in this edition, all of which were scrutinized by a multidisciplinary panel of Cepsa experts, who then selected a winning project and two runners-up. The panel’s judging criteria included efficiency, viability, originality, value generation, market opportunity, use of new technologies and identification with Cepsa’s values.

Cepsa relies on innovation as a strategic lever to drive all its activities. The Company therefore fosters and supports the development of innovative ideas and projects, both inside and outside the organization. For Jose Antonio Valgañon, Head of Procurement at Cepsa, “with our WePioneer program, we want to recognize suppliers who share our values. In this edition, dedicated to innovation, we are looking to showcase the ability of our suppliers to innovate, which will help our companies accomplish their objectives”.

This initiative extends Cepsa’s commitment to innovation to its collaborators and helps strengthen relations with other stakeholders who share the same values as us, thus laying the foundations for new, more agile and more efficient approaches to work.

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Members of the awarded companies with Cepsa’s procurements director, José Antonio Valgañón
  • Members of the awarded companies with Cepsa’s procurements director, José Antonio Valgañón