Cepsa signs a commercial agreement with Femete that is very beneficial for its member companies and professionals

11 Jul 2019

        • The more than 1,500 members of the Tenerife Metal Federation will benefit from significant discounts on fuel at the Company's service stations

Cepsa and the Provincial Federation of Metal and New Technologies Companies (Femete), based in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, have signed a cooperation agreement that will allow their associates to benefit from significant discounts on the purchase of fuels and on the services offered by the energy company.

More than 1,500 Femete companies and professionals will be able to purchase fuels, along with other derived products and services, at lower prices throughout Cepsa's network of service stations and in other participating establishments, such as repair shops or Vehicle Technical Inspection centers.  

The chairman of Femete, Alberto Villalobos, and the head of Cepsa's department of Payment Methods for Fleets and Self-Employed Workers, Julián Iglesias, signed the agreement at the Federation's headquarters. The agreement is the result of a meeting in late April between Federation officials and the director of Cepsa for the Canary Islands, José Manuel Fernández-Sabugo, to explore new business and cooperation opportunities.

The goal of this agreement is to offer very competitive market conditions to the professional groups that make up the Federation, enabling them to benefit from discounts that would be very difficult to achieve individually.

Cheaper fuel
Femete members will enjoy an 8 cent discount per liter of fuel for conventional diesel and gasoline, and a 10 cent discount for upgraded fuels in the Optimum range.

To benefit from these discounts, they must apply for a Starressa Flotas (discount credit) or Starressa Direct (deferred discount) card. Both are intended for the purchase of fuels and other related products and services by professional customers, and are compatible with other discount cards of the Company, so Femete professionals will be able to enjoy even greater savings.

The StarRessa Flotas card is very useful for companies with units having a large number of workers, as a biweekly or monthly statement is issued showing details by license plate, vehicle and even department. The statement indicates the date, time and place where the transaction took place, clearly distinguishing between fuels and other services or products purchased.

Femete will disseminate and promote the Cepsa discount cards among its members so that as many professionals as possible can get to know them and benefit from them.

Cepsa's fuels keep the vehicle's engine in perfect condition, recovering up to 100% of the vehicle's power. Cepsa is committed to the quality of its products and services, with a focus on continuous improvement, on complying with regulations and international standards, and on adapting to the present and future needs of its customers.

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Julián Iglesias (left) and Alberto Villalobos, during the signing of the agreement
  • Julián Iglesias (left) and Alberto Villalobos, during the signing of the agreement
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