Cepsa wins the fifth OCU collective energy purchase

27 May 2019

    • Cepsa Hogar has positioned itself as the most competitive energy supplier, in terms of both gas and electricity
    • OCU (Organization of Consumers and Users) members will receive a 15% discount on their gas and/or electricity bills, and an additional discount of up to 15% on motor fuel
    • The electricity supplied by Cepsa Hogar is 100% renewable
    • The company is also the successful bidder for the three most recent collective purchases of motor fuel from the OCU


Cepsa has won the fifth pooled purchase of energy run by the Spanish Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU). The initiative will give members access to discounts on gas and electricity supplies for one year.


Cepsa’s gas and electricity bid, known as Cepsa Hogar, has been ranked by the OCU as the most competitive deal, offering a 15% discount on contracted supplies of electricity and/or gas, with the addition of a 15% discount on motor fuel - an improvement on the usual 12% discount deal. The electricity supplied by Cepsa Hogar is 100% renewable.


So far, over 15,000 customers have signed up to this initiative, and more could follow. This package is open to any customer, whether or not they are an OCU member. Customers can sign up via the company’s website www.quieropagarmenosluz.org, and the offer is open until June 30.


Customers who register for the deal will benefit from an immediate credit of ten euros, redeemable during the first six months of the contract. According to estimates from the OCU, customers can benefit from an average overall saving of 194 euros per year (including the ten euros credit).


In 2018, Cepsa made the leap into the residential market with the launch of Cepsa Hogar, becoming the first Spanish company to offer customers a dual package (gas and electricity) linked to the consumption of motor fuel at its Service Stations.


At present, Cepsa has over 36,000 customers contracted to its Cepsa Hogar package, with new customers signing up at a rate of over 3,000 a month in the past 6 months.


In Spain, the average annual gas consumption per household is around 9 MWh. The market is growing, as more and more households are turning to this type of energy. The autonomous communities with the highest demand are Navarra, Aragón and Castilla y León.


Spanish households consume an average of 4 MWh of electricity annually, with the Balearic Islands, Catalonia and Madrid being the regions with the highest consumption in terms of the residential market.


For further information: www.quieropagarmenosluz.org




Madrid, May 27th 2019

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