Cepsa appoints its new Board of Directors

15 Oct 2019

Following the appointments made at the Shareholders’ Meeting and Board of Directors meeting of Cepsa that took place earlier today, October 15, Philippe Boisseau has been named CEO of the Company, succeeding Pedro Miró.

In addition, four new members of the Board have been appointed: Marcel van Poecke, Bob Maguire, Joost Dröge and Marwan Nijmeh, the first three are senior executives at The Carlyle Group and the fourth at Mubadala. All of these professionals have distinguished backgrounds and broad experience and knowledge of the energy sector.

Musabbeh Al Kaabi, Alyazia Al Kuwaiti, Saeed Al Mazrouei, Bakheet Al Katheeri and Ángel Corcóstegui were re-elected as Directors, each for the statutory term of six years. Musabbeh Al Kaabi was also reelected to his office as Chairman of the Board.

The composition of Cepsa’s Board of Directors reflects the new shareholding structure. Mubadala has appointed five members, including its Chairman, and Carlyle has appointed three members, including its Deputy Chairman.

Following these changes, the new configuration of the Company’s Board of Directors and its two standing Committees is as follows:

Board of Directors

    • Musabbeh Al Kaabi – Director and Chairman
    • Marcel van Poecke – Director and Deputy Chairman
    • Philippe Boisseau – Director and CEO
    • Alyazia Al Kuwaiti - Director
    • Saeed Al Mazrouei - Director
    • Bakheet Al Katheeri – Director
    • Marwan Nijmeh – Director
    • Bob Maguire – Director
    • Joost Dröge – Director
    • Ángel Corcóstegui Guraya – Director
    • Ignacio Pinilla Rodríguez – Non-Director Secretary
    • José Aurelio Téllez Menchén – Non-Director Deputy Secretary

Audit, Compliance and Ethics Committee

    • Ángel Corcóstegui Guraya – Chairperson
    • Saeed Al Mazrouei – Member
    • Bob Maguire – Member
    • Ignacio Pinilla Rodríguez – Secretary
    • José Aurelio Téllez Menchén – Deputy Secretary

Nomination and Compensation Committee

    • Alyazia Al Kuwaiti – Chairperson
    • Marwan Nijmeh – Member
    • Marcel van Poecke – Member
    • Carlos Morán Moya - Secretary
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Philippe Boisseau
Marcel Van Poecke