Cepsa renews its Top Employers certificate, accrediting it as one of the best companies to work for in Spain

25 Jan 2021

    • For the sixth year in a row, the energy company obtains this seal, which considers excellence in HR practices in areas such as attraction, employee development and commitment, culture, and diversity and inclusion 
    • Cepsa commits to digital tools that contribute to promoting the work-life balance and development of its employees, such as Max Planet, an artificial intelligence-based pioneering virtual assistant in Spain 
    • Work-life balance measures that the company have had in place since 2014, such as remote work, have allowed it to adapt quickly and efficiently to the crisis brought about by COVID-19
Top Employers has certified Cepsa for the sixth consecutive year as one of the best companies to work for in Spain. This recognition highlights the excellence of its policies and practices to promote the best employee experiences thanks to a competitive and differential value proposal, with advanced measures in terms of work-life balance, welfare, and talent development for its professionals.

Cepsa has an Integrated Talent Management Model that is made up of different programs and initiatives that promote continuous improvement in people management and professional and personal development. The company has a program to manage the balance of personal, family, and work and life, in which measures such as flexible hours and remote working stand out.

Additionally, Cepsa has launched a Diversity and Inclusion Program internally to promote inclusive environments where people can develop their potential, regardless of their origin, culture, physical condition, and gender. Among the actions implemented, of note are the mentoring programs, general training to all professionals, and specific training to managers and professionals in Human Resources in terms of diversity and inclusion and the incorporation of blind curriculum in the selection processes to ensure objectivity in decision-making.

Cepsa leverages innovation to incorporate the best practices and includes them in its HR policies, processes, and programs. To this end, the company provides its professionals with several digital tools that facilitate their daily work, such as Max Planet, a virtual assistant pioneer in Spain based on artificial intelligence, which brings together, in the same digital space, a knowledge base in human resources, a query management platform and a virtual assistant (Max), and the Talent Mobility program, which facilitates professional development by prioritizing internal mobility when filling vacancies.

Carlos Morán, Cepsa's HR Director, highlighted that "we continue improving the value proposition for employees and expanding our measures of flexibility, work-life balance, welfare, training, and diversity and inclusion to attract and retain the best talent. Our goal is to provide the best employee experience to have highly committed, enthusiastic professionals to address the challenge of leading the energy transition together.

For his part, David Plink, CEO of the Top Employers Institute, said: "Despite the challenging year we have experienced, which has had a significant impact on organizations the world over, Cepsa has continuously demonstrated the value of focusing on its employees. We are proud to share this announcement with everyone and congratulate the organizations that have been certified in their respective countries with the Top Employers Institute program.

As a result of the crisis caused by COVID-19, Cepsa has developed and strengthened measures to prioritize its employees' health and well-being, such as remote work, remote education, safety and hygiene measures at Service Stations and facilities, while maintaining its operations to guarantee energy supply, which is essential for health teams, security forces, and essential services to continue operating. In 2020, the company strengthened the work-life balance measures it had in place since 2014, such as remote work. In this regard, the company has extended remote work since March to all professionals whose jobs do not require them to be physically present and will continue to evaluate the option of extending these work-life balance measures to as many employees as possible.

The Top Employers Institute program certifies organizations based on their participation and the results of their HR Best Practices Survey and awards this seal after an exhaustive audit in which companies must pass a complex analytical process and certain levels of requirements in the field of Human Resources. This analysis encompasses six domains of the people area, divided into 20 different topics, such as people strategy, work environment, talent acquisition, learning, well-being, and diversity and inclusion, among many others.
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