Cepsa begins the installation of solar panels in its Service Stations

08 Oct 2019

    • The company has started this pilot initiative in three service stations, including one in Andalusia.
    • The objective is to continue moving forward towards an increasingly efficient and sustainable network.
    • All of the electricity that the Service Stations consume for direct management is of a 100% renewable origin

Cepsa has undertaken a project to begin equipping its Service Stations with solar panels in order to be self-sufficient in terms of electricity. In a pilot phase of the program, three service stations in Spain have been chosen, located in Marbella (Málaga), Arganda del Rey (Madrid) and Tenerife.


The first to come into operation will be the one in Marbella, where 157 photovoltaic modules have already been installed with high efficiency monocrystalline technology that will produce an estimated 95 MWh/year of energy, which will prevent the emission into the atmosphere of 38 tonnes of CO2 per year. These panels will serve to supply the Service Station during the day, while the surplus will be sold, thus optimizing the overall energy efficiency of the installation.


Once the test phase has been analyzed, Cepsa’s intention is to extend this model of energy self-consumption to as many of its Service Stations as possible. With the aim of making its stations increasingly efficient and sustainable, Cepsa is also implementing other measures like replacing plastic bags in its stores with paper bags, using LED lights and digital screens in order to reduce physical signage. In addition, all of the electricity that the Service Stations consume for direct management is of a 100% renewable origin and is sold by the company itself. Along these lines, the energy company is also finalizing the startup of its first wind farm, located in Andalusia.


In total, Cepsa has around 1,800 service stations in Spain and Portugal, of which 281 are in Andalusia and 37 are in the province of Malaga. In addition to different energy solutions for mobility, the company also offers many products and services in its stations.


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Marbella Service Station