Cepsa's industrial centers in the Canary Islands once again pass the European audit SEVESO III

02 Dec 2020

    • The main objective is to prevent serious accidents and limit their consequences for people and the environment
    • The audit team highlighted the perfectly implemented Workplace Health and Safety systems

Cepsa successfully passed the annual required safety inspection established by European regulations, known as SEVESO III, at its facilities in the Tenerife Refinery, East Dock Factory, Tenerife and Gran Canaria Petrocan, and at the CMD Airport Service Stations in Fuerteventura and Gran Canaria.

Auditors from an Authorized Inspection Agency (OCA) visited the above-mentioned industrial centers to review its organization, technical equipment and safety management system for serious accidents.

The purpose of this safety inspection is to demonstrate that the facilities have adequate measures to prevent serious accidents involving dangerous chemicals, that they take the necessary steps to limit consequences inside and outside the facilities, should they occur, and that the data and information provided in the technical reports faithfully reflect the safety status of the plants. It also demonstrates that training programs have been put in place and that personnel have been informed about protection measures and actions in case of accidents. In short, the aim is to verify compliance with all security management requirements.

The report issued by the audit team highlighted the perfectly implemented Workplace Health and Safety systems; employees’ overwhelming participation and knowledge about safety aspects; the introduction and implementation of digital work permits; and the numerous existing actions focused on minimizing risks, such as the 'safety walks', preventive safety observations and order and cleanliness audits.

The SEVESO III directive is mandatory for all member states of the European Union in establishments where there is a certain amount of dangerous chemicals. In Spain, each Autonomous Community is responsible for ensuring compliance.

At Cepsa, safety is a historic and inseparable principle of its activity embodied by all employees and the auxiliary service companies with which it works.

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