Cepsa maintains business as usual to ensure energy supply during the health crisis

26 Mar 2020

    • Cepsa professionals continue to work to ensure energy supply and guarantee the safety and sustainability of our operations and facilities in all of the company’s industrial activities
    • It’s business as usual for Cepsa employees working in distribution, at service stations and points of sale
    • Cepsa donates personal protective equipment (PPE) to the Health Service of Andalucía

Cepsa, as a critical manufacturer of essential energy and chemical products, is maintaining normal operations at its production plants in Palos (Huelva province) and San Roque (Cadiz province) and at its filling plants throughout Andalucía, where Cepsa professionals continue to work to ensure the supply of energy and the distribution of other essential products in the face of the COVID-19 crisis.

All Cepsa professionals whose job characteristics enable them to work from home have been doing so since the start of the health crisis. Meanwhile, the Palos and San Roque production plants have tightened safety measures and implemented the hygiene measures recommended by the Spanish Ministry of Health, while all actions continue to be taken to guarantee full compliance with regulations on sustainability and environmental protection.

In addition, in service stations, self-service has been chosen with the aim of preventing the spread of Covid19 among its customers, professionals and suppliers. In the case of store products, these are sold through the window. The toilets are kept open to provide that service to carriers.

On the other hand, Cepsa will make donations to collaborate with the Government of Andalucía to mitigate the threat of Covid19. The Company has delivered individual protection equipment to the health management areas of Huelva and Campo de Gibraltar of the Andalusian Health Service (SAS), to contribute to the protection of health professionals in hospitals.

To guarantee the maintenance of the activity, constant monitoring is carried out of the orders received, the staff in charge of carrying out the activities, the deliveries completed, the activity at the supply points and the stock in the warehouse, among other activities. Also, in the case of store products, these are being sold through the window.

To date, Cepsa has not had any adverse incidents affecting its energy supply or distribution activities to service stations, airports, home deliveries, sensitive and strategic customers, or ongoing activities at its production plants.

Cepsa would like to thank all of its employees not only for all their effort and hard work, but also for the atmosphere of fellowship and good spirits with which they carry out their daily tasks during this health crisis.

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