Cepsa Renews Quality Certification For Gibraltar-San Roque Refinery Maritime Terminal

18 Mar 2021

    • It is a standard that the Spanish Port Authority uses to put the spotlight on organizations that voluntarily contribute to improving port services.
Cepsa has renewed its certification for the Gibraltar-San Roque Refinery (RGSR) in accordance with the Service Quality for Bulk Solid and Liquid Cargo Traffic standard from the Spanish Port Authority, having successfully completed the annual audit conducted by external verification entity AENOR.

This is a voluntary certificate that validates the quality of maritime concession service provision from various perspectives: adequacy of facilities and infrastructure, resource management, operational safety, merchandise services, including billing and productivity, and customer service. This standard validates the quality of the activities performed by shipping companies, port terminal concessionaires and general-interest port service providers.

In this annual evaluation, conducted by AENOR over two working days with participation from 11 internal speakers from different Cepsa divisions, all activity-related aspects on the dock and the single buoy mooring were address from the point of view of operations, safety and prevention measures, customer service and facility maintenance.

The head of Cepsa's Maritime Terminals, José Manuel Fernández-Sabugo, says that “the renewal of this certification endorses Cepsa’s commitment to continuous improvement and the quality of the services it offers to its stakeholders, as proof of its firm commitment to the sustainability of the environment in which it has been operating for more than 50 years.”

Throughout the year, Cepsa submits the main aspects that govern its activity—safety, sustainability, quality and energy efficiency—to various internal and external audits across its facilities that accredit the excellence of its management and production processes.
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