Tenerife Refinery Workers Donate Just Under EUR 80,000 to 30 Charities in Tenerife

25 May 2020

    • The objective is to help alleviate the impact of the ongoing health crisis on local communities.

Acting on behalf of all professionals at this Cepsa operating center, the Tenerife Refinery Company Committee has agreed to donate its entire charity fund of EUR 79,420—initially destined for various schemes to benefit the workforce—to 30 non-profit organizations working to address the crisis caused by COVID-19.

With this decision, which received the unanimous support of the Company Committee, Cepsa's workforce wishes to show solidarity with the people and groups in Tenerife most affected by the pandemic.

Half of the money donated will be distributed between charities Fundación Canaria Pequeño Valiente, Asociación Kairós, Sonrisas Canarias, APANATE and Asociación Nahia.

The remainder will be donated to the top 25 projects registered on the special COVID-19 crowdfunding page run by Tenerife Solidario, a body of the Island Council of Tenerife. The crowdfunding page hosts projects launched by the island's various NGOs.

Cepsa's director in the Canary Islands, José Manuel Fernández-Sabugo, highlighted the solidarity shown by the workforce at the refinery through the Company Committee. "We know that our human capital is some of the best and, as this gesture shows, they are very supportive of those who are in difficultly," he said, adding that he wished to highlight the "magnificent and vital work carried out by each and every one of the 30 charities in receipt of the donation made by the workforce at the operating center."

Meanwhile, the chairman of the Company Committee, Alain Perera, explained, "in view of the difficult situation in which many of the people near to us find themselves, we all agreed to do our bit help the most vulnerable." "The members of the Cepsa workforce are enormously pleased to be able to help so many members of our society face the different difficulties that they are facing; particularly at a time as complex as this in the face of the ongoing health crisis," he added.

The projects that will receive funding thanks to the donation include projects related to the charitable food donations; support for people with various types of sensory, motor and mental disabilities; drug dependence; diseases such as breast cancer, Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis and childhood illnesses; environmental projects, and more.

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