Cepsa invests more than €400 million in its Andalusian industrial centers in 2020

11 Feb 2021

    • Highlights include the energy efficiency projects at the chemical and refining plants in San Roque and Palos de la Frontera
Energy efficiency is a constant priority at Cepsa because it’s a fundamental component in certifying sustainability, which is why energy efficiency projects accounted for a large part of the Company's total investment in its industrial centers in San Roque (Cádiz) and Palos de la Frontera (Huelva) in 2020, which amounted to €402 million.

Investments in the Gibraltar-San Roque Refinery were allocated to the shutdowns carried out throughout the year for maintenance and operational improvements, with 70% of the investment going towards energy efficiency projects in the units to increase environmental protection in our operations.

As for the Puente Mayorga Chemical Plant (Cadiz), the most important investment was the Detal project, which focuses on implementing innovative technology. The project was designed by Cepsa and UOP (Universal Oil Products) to eliminate hydrofluoric acid in the manufacturing process of LAB—the raw material for bio-detergents—resulting in a safer process and a drastically reduced environmental impact. From an environmental and resource management perspective, the main advantages of this project are lower raw material, water and electricity consumption, and less generated waste.

As for the La Rábida Refinery (Huelva), the most important investments in 2020 were also related to energy efficiency and environmental issues—both priorities for Cepsa—such as the desulfurization of naphtha to eliminate sulfur in liquid fuels, and the Esfera Project, designed to increase storage capacity and improve logistics for LPGs (liquefied gases). Another noteworthy investment was that made to reduce volatile organic compound emissions while loading distillates on ships.

At the Palos Chemical Plant, environmental investments accounted for 37% of total investments, especially those for energy efficiency projects. Other noteworthy projects include the environmental improvements at the Biological Effluent Treatment Plant and on its Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers, which will significantly improve the quality of the facility's wastewater and reduce Volatile Organic Compound emissions.

Cepsa is committed to energy efficiency, and as a display of that, it continues to strive to implement it in its new company strategy.
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