Cepsa Rewards its Customers in the Canary Islands with 24 Years of Fuel

28 Oct 2019

    • Cepsa is giving away a prize of one year's worth of fuel twice a week to customers of its Óptima range in the Canary Islands
    • An independent laboratory has certified that the formula of this Cepsa range allows up to 100% of the vehicle's power to be recovered, reducing consumption and emissions

Cepsa has launched an exclusive promotion in the Canary Islands, in which it will give away two weekly prizes of one year's worth of fuel to customers refueling with the company's Óptima range at a Cepsa gas station in the Canary Islands.

To be in with a chance, customers simply need to fill their vehicle with €30 of any Óptima fuel and show their 'Porque TU Vuelves' card. The promotion will run until January 12, 2020 and will give away a total of 24 prizes, equivalent to 24 years' worth of fuel.

An independent laboratory has conducted a study on Cepsa's Óptima Premium fuels, which found that the formula used is capable of recovering up to 100% of the vehicle's power and obtaining the maximum possible engine performance from the very first refueling.

Óptima 95, Óptima 98 and Óptima Diesel have been tested against conventional fuels, with which the engine gradually loses power. The Óptima range, on the other hand, helps to conserve initial levels of consumption, power and emissions, while also improving performance.

The study showed that Óptima fuels clean the engine, keeping the fuel injection system and combustion chamber in perfect condition, as well as reducing consumption, optimizing combustion and making maximum use of the fuel. 

The Óptima range, which also reduces emissions into the atmosphere, is available at 78 Cepsa service stations throughout the Canary Islands.


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