Press Releases




Cepsa renews its Top Employers certificate, accrediting it as one of the best companies to work for in Spain

For the sixth year in a row, the energy company obtains this seal, which considers excellence in HR practices in areas such as attraction, employee development and commitment, culture, and diversity and inclusion.


Cepsa agrees to sell its residential electricity and gas customer portfolio to Podo

Cepsa will continue to supply electricity from renewable sources and gas to industries and companies, a business that represents 97% of total commercialization in this field.




Cepsa and Redexis are making progress expanding vehicular natural gas in Spain with a new refueling station in Zaragoza

Cepsa's Service Station, located in Mercazaragoza, has LNG facilities for trucks and CNG facilities for light vehicles.


Cepsa, doubly awarded for its conciliation and equality policies

The company received the 2020 Flexible Company Award from the General Directorate of Family Diversity and Social Rights of the Ministry of Social Rights and 2030 Agenda.


Cepsa awarded double certification from AENOR in anti-bribery and criminal compliance management systems

Both certifications confirm that Cepsa has implemented an effective anti-bribery management system and the best practices to prevent and detect possible crimes


Cepsa and IONITY complete the first corridor of the largest intercity high power charging network on the Iberian Peninsula

The Madrid-Barcelona corridor, with 5 high power charging stations, makes it possible for the first time to make this journey in an electric vehicle with a state-of-the-art HPC technology without adding extra charging time to the trip.


Cepsa is awarded for its Detal project at the European Environmental Awards

The award was received by Paloma Alonso, director of the Chemical division, in the presence of HM the King and the Fourth Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for the Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge, Teresa Ribera.


Cepsa appoints Juan Llobell as the new Director of Communications

The aim of this appointment is to strengthen the company’s corporate communication and contribute to the new strategy that the company is designing.


Cepsa reinforces its presence in the professional transport market with the acquisition of the IS-XXI Station network

With this transaction, the company acquires five Service Stations specialized in heavy transportation and a card system that serves more than 6000 customers


Cepsa joins the #SupportSDG campaign promoted by the Global Compact Spanish Network

The aim of the #SupportSDG campaign is to act as a voice to achieve a multiplier effect and to raise awareness of and cooperation with the UN's 2030 Agenda.


Sonatrach and Cepsa sign a Memorandum of Understanding to extend their collaboration in the Exploration and Production Business

Sonatrach and Cepsa have signed today a Memorandum of Understanding to analyse joint growth opportunities in the exploration, development and production of hydrocarbons in Algeria and internationally.


Cepsa develops a pioneering Alexa skill to locate its Service Stations by voice

It will allow customers to search for the nearest Cepsa locations and their available services by voice


Cepsa successfully completes its third bond issuance for €500 million

The Company has successfully priced its third bond for an amount of €500 million, maturing in 2026


Redexis and Cepsa extend their first natural gas refueling station to light vehicles

The Cepsa Service Station in Puerto Lumbreras has launched a compressed natural gas facility for light vehicles, boasting a refueling time of between three and six minutes


Cepsa continues to grow in Morocco through an agreement with Madjaline Holding Holding to produce and market asphalt

Cepsa acquires 40% of Madjaline's stake in Sorexi and Bitulife, two market leaders in the manufacture and marketing of asphalt in Morocco


Cepsa and AWS Accelerate Digital Transformation in the Energy Industry

Multinational energy company selects AWS as its preferred cloud provider to deliver new services and develop IoT and analytics solutions that enhance decision-making and increase operational efficiency


IONITY opens two ultra-fast power charging facilities with Cepsa in Zaragoza

Strategically located on the A-2 highway, the IONITY stations are equipped with two and four 350 kW High Power Chargers, respectively


Cepsa redesigns its organization to drive the transformation required by the energy transition and to grow internationally

A new management team will work with CEO Philippe Boisseau to deliver Cepsa's new strategy


Cepsa's Detal Technology Project Named Finalist at the European Business Awards for the Environment

The Puente Mayorga Chemical Plant's project is one of 25 projects recognized by the Ministry of Ecological Transition from among the 115 candidates in Spain.


EIB to finance pioneering project to improve Cepsa's energy efficiency and reduce the environmental impact of its chemicals operations in Spain

The EU bank is providing €60 million in financing to enable the company to develop and implement more sustainable and efficient technologies in its production process


Masdar and Cepsa to establish joint venture to develop renewable energy projects in Spain and Portugal

Cepsa Masdar Renovables to focus on wind and solar photovoltaic (PV) energy projects in the Iberian Peninsula; aim is for an initial capacity of 500-600MW



Cepsa, certified management

The facilities in Palos de la Frontera, Huelva, and San Roque, Cadiz, pass audits according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001, and IATF standards, in addition to ISO 45001:2018.


Cepsa's "Public Advisory Panel" in Huelva evaluates a year conditioned by COVID-19

This group was formed to maintain dialog, exchange information and improve transparency in the energy and chemical company's relationship with its surroundings.


Tenerife Refinery recognized by COASHIQ for its Safety Management

The Business Association for Safety, Hygiene, and the Environment in the Chemical Industry presents its 2020 Awards in a year in which recognizing best practices in safety is more important than ever.


Cepsa plants in Palos recognized by COASHIQ for their Safety Management

The Business Association for Safety, Hygiene, and the Environment in the Chemical Industry (COASHIQ) awards its annual prizes in a year in which recognizing best practices in industrial safety is more important than ever


Cepsa's chemical plant in Palos certifies its Occupational Health and Safety System

The audit was conducted under the ISO 45001:2018 international standard, which replaces OHSAS 18001.


Cepsa's industrial centers in the Canary Islands once again pass the European audit SEVESO III

The main objective is to prevent serious accidents and limit their consequences for people and the environment.


Cepsa Chemical Plant in Palos passes SEVESO III Audit Again This Year

The Cepsa industrial centers in Huelva are inspected annually in accordance with the European SEVESO III regulations.


Cepsa renews its quality certification at La Hondura Maritime Terminal

A standard that puts the spotlight on organizations that voluntarily contribute to improving port services.


The emergency response ability of the Tenerife refinery, put to the test

The staff present at the center participates in the annual general drill, which recreated an accidental fire in a tank


Sustainability, a key issue at the most recent meeting of the Cepsa-Santa Cruz Liaison Committee

During the meeting, the good safety results were noted thanks to the implemented protocols.


La Rábida Refinery and Workers Representatives Agree to the Announced Temporary Labor Force Adjustment Plan

The negotiation process highlighted the difficulties facing the global refining sector and Cepsa refining in particular, all of which have been aggravated by the COVID-19 pandemic.


Cepsa extend the maintenance shutdown of two La Rábida Refinery units to adapt production to product demand

The economic crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the structural crisis in the refining industry, particularly in Europe


Petrocan, Cepsa's bunker subsidiary in the Canary Islands , certifies its Occupational Health and Safety System under the ISO 45001 standard

This is in addition to the certifications recently obtained by the Tenerife Refinery and Cepsa's aviation subsidiaries in the Canary Islands.


Cepsa's Aviation Subsidiaries in the Canary Islands Certify their Safety and Health at Work Systems Under ISO 45001

The subsidiaries join the Tenerife Refinery in obtaining the certification.


Cepsa Celebrates Almost a Decade of Supporting the Summer Firefighting Campaign on La Gomera

A 30,000 liter kerosene supply vehicle and operator will be available throughout the summer, 24 hours a day, to assist with any incidents


First Industrial Thesis between Cepsa and the University of Cadiz

The thesis, entitled Valorización de corrientes de la unidad FCC (Adding Value to FCC Unit Streams) and written by the doctoral student Elena Pérez Guevara, was awarded a distinction (Cum Laude)


Cepsa Presents its Environmental Declarations and Underlines its Commitment to Society

Twenty-three years ago, Cepsa was the first company in Spain to join the international register of eco-audited centers pursuant to the EMAS Regulation.


CEPSA, an Industry 4.0 Pioneer in Spain, is Moving Forward With the Implementation of its Cultural and Technological Transformation Program

The Hadi Industrial technology model is already up and running in Cepsa's industrial centers in Palos (Huelva) and will be fully implemented in San Roque (Cadiz) by 2022.


CEPSA participates in the XII Virtual Meeting of the Neighborhood Associations of the Canary Islands

The Company's director in the Canary Islands, José Manuel Fernández Sabugo, addressed Cepsa's social and economic contribution and the future energy challenges of the Archipelago


Cepsa Doubles Its Investments in Environmental Protection at San Roque

The company is investing 76 million euro in the environmental management of its refinery and chemical plant


The Cepsa-Santa Cruz Liaison Committee is to promote a social participation project

Its members also agree to develop an initiative that will contribute to the improvement of sustainability in the capital of Tenerife


The Tenerife Refinery Certifies its Occupational Health and Safety System under the ISO 45001 Standard

This is the first Cepsa center to adopt the new standard


Cepsa marks the World Day for Safety and Health at Work by taking action to address the health crisis

Cepsa takes action by organizing 69 safety drills in 2019 in the Canary Islands and by providing over 13,450 hours of safety training for its professionals


Cepsa mantiene su producción de productos básicos para combatir el COVID-19

Como industria esencial, la Compañía mantiene su suministro de materias primas para productos sanitarios, de higiene, farmacéuticos y de alta tecnología

Financial Statements


Cepsa reports Clean CCS EBITDA of €277m in Q3 2020, a 54% increase in the quarter despite challenging environment

Cepsa posted Clean CCS EBITDA of €277 million in 3Q 2020. While the business continues to be affected by the global impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, this figure represents a 54% increase vs 2Q 2020.


Cepsa generates Clean CCS EBITDA of €453 million in the first quarter of 2020

Cepsa's Clean CCS EBITDA in Q1 2020 is 3% lower than Q1 2019, driven by lower crude oil price and the initial impact on refining margins and demand of Covid-19



Cepsa begins Trading operations in Singapore to increase its activity in Asia

The company is widening the scope of its Trading business with a new office in the largest financial hub in Asia, which it will use to access new markets and customers



Cepsa is already selling marine fuels and lubricants compliant with IMO 2020 regulations

The company has developed several high-quality products, designed at its Research Center and manufactured in its refineries


IONITY opens its first ultra-fast power charging facility with Cepsa in Spain

The station, located in Pallejà (Barcelona), has four 350 kW High Power Chargers


Cepsa wins the fourth OCU collective fuel purchase

The company wins this pooled purchase for the fourth year running. So far, more than 4,600 users have registered


Cepsa and Derhem Holding start their service stations network in Morocco

Cepsa will bring its brand and Derhem Holding its local knowledge, as well as the expertise of both companies in the oil sector


The Carlyle Group completes acquisition of shareholding in Cepsa from Mubadala

Transaction completed in line with expectations announced on 8 April 2019


Cepsa appoints its new Board of Directors

Following the appointments made at the Shareholders’ Meeting and Board of Directors meeting of Cepsa that took place earlier today, October 15, Philippe Boisseau has been named CEO of the Company, succeeding Pedro Miró.


Cepsa begins the installation of solar panels in its Service Stations

The company has started this pilot initiative in three service stations, including one in Andalusia


Cepsa renews marine lubricant agreement with ExxonMobil in Iberia

Builds on more than 45 years of collaboration to support the marine industry


Cepsa joins the #aliadosdelosODS campaign promoted by the Spanish Global Compact Network

The purpose of the #aliadosdelosODS (SDGs Allies) campaign is to act as a loudspeaker to achieve a multiplier effect so the 2030 agenda is known and worked


Cepsa incorporates artificial intelligence into human resources management by the pioneering use of a virtual assistant

The company will make the tool available to its 8,500-plus employees in Spain


8 million Spanish drivers don't see the highway clearly

‘In Vivo’ Study on Vision and Driving The visual health of Spanish drivers and its implication in road safety


Baleària and Cepsa sign an agreement to offer their customers advantages on travel and at Service Stations

Baleària customers that travel to North Africa during ‘Operation Crossing the Strait’ will receive discounts on fuel at Cepsa Service Stations


Cepsa's WePioneer Awards recognize a project of photovoltaic charging facilities

The company has launched a program called WePioneer to recognize suppliers who share Cepsa’s values.


Redexis and Cepsa to create the largest network of natural gas refueling stations in Spain

Both companies have signed a framework agreement to expand the reach of Vehicular Natural Gas (VNG), both in urban areas and across the country’s main transport corridors for light and heavy vehicles.


Cepsa presents its unique LAB plant worldwide at CESIO 2019

The Puente Mayorga Chemical Plant is being upgraded to make it the first in the world to replace HF technology with the Detal process


Cepsa presents Red Energy, its service stations network in Mexico

The company will present its proposal at Onexpo 2019, the most relevant convention of the hydrocarbons industry in the country


Cepsa wins the fifth OCU collective energy purchase

Cepsa Hogar has positioned itself as the most competitive energy supplier, in terms of both gas and electricity.


Cepsa successfully completes its first bond issuance for €500 million

The Company has issued a bond maturing in 2025


Cepsa awarded investment grade credit ratings from the three major rating agencies

Cepsa is rated ‘BBB-’ with positive outlook by Fitch Ratings, ‘Baa3’ with stable outlook by Moody’s, and ‘BBB-’ with stable outlook by Standard & Poor’s


The Carlyle Group to acquire a significant minority shareholding in CEPSA from Mubadala based on an enterprise value of $12 billion

Mubadala to remain majority shareholder in Europe’s largest privately-owned integrated oil & gas company


Cepsa wins award for artificial intelligence project to optimize chemical processes

The company received the Iberquimia award for 'The plant of the future', for its digital transformation project at the Palos Chemical Plant in Huelva


Cepsa launches TRACTION, a new generation of lubricants for heavy-duty vehicles

These lubricants provide maximum performance and efficiency for heavy diesel engines, contributing to fuel economy and longer engine life


Cepsa, a global pioneer having obtained the EPD environmental declaration for paraffin wax products

The seal certifies that the product has passed the environmental footprint analysis over the product life cycle



The Detal Project, Winner of the Andalusia Industry Development Award 2019

Puente Mayorga chemical plant receives award from the College of Industrial Engineers of Western Andalusia


Cepsa Supplies its New, More Sustainable Marine Fuels to the Canary Islands for the First Time

Preparada desde hace meses para abordar los retos de la `IMO 2020´, la Compañía se adelanta a los cambios exigidos por la Organización Marítima Internacional


Cepsa Brings its Butane and Propane Bottles to Lanzarote

The energy firm already provides its innovative gas bottles in Tenerife and Gran Canaria


Cepsa Successfully Tests its Emergency Response Capacity at its Tenerife Refinery

All staff at the refinery participated in the annual general drill, which recreated an accidental fire in a tank


Cepsa Rewards its Customers in the Canary Islands with 24 Years of Fuel

Cepsa is giving away a prize of one year's worth of fuel twice a week to customers of its Óptima range in the Canary Islands.


Cepsa signs a commercial agreement with Femete that is very beneficial for its member companies and professionals

The more than 1,500 members of the Tenerife Metal Federation will benefit from significant discounts on fuel at the Company's service stations


Cepsa invested €42.2 million on environmental protection at San Roque in 2018

For another year running, Cepsa reduced environmental emissions at San Roque


Cepsa deploys a special logistics unit to reinforce the summer fire-fighting campaign in La Gomera

A 30,000 liter kerosene supply vehicle and operator will be available throughout the summer, 24 hours a day, to assist with any incidents


Cepsa devotes €46.6 million to environmental improvements in Huelva in 2018

The energy company increases its level of investment and environmental management, which totals €821 million since 1997


The Cepsa Liaison Committee learns about Cepsa projects for 2019

The first meeting of the year also discussed the energy company’s positive results for the past year and Fundación Cepsa’s broad program of local activities


University students participate with Cepsa in the Industry Open Doors Days organized by the European Union

The San Roque and Palos Cepsa industrial centers are taking part in this initiative


Cepsa participates in the Industry Open Doors Days organized by the European Union

The San Roque and Palos industrial centers are taking part in this initiative


YosoyTenerife welcomes nearly 60 ambassadors from Cepsa

The appointment ceremony took place at the company’s flagship service station, located in Taco

Financial Statements


January-September 2019 results

Cepsa registered Clean CCS EBITDA of €1.551 billion, as a result of the positive performance of the Exploration and Production and Marketing business units


2019 half yearly results

Cepsa registered H1 2019 Clean CCS EBITDA of €991 million, as a result of the positive performance of the Exploration and Production and Marketing business units


2019 first quarter earnings report

Cepsa registered Q1 2019 Clean CCS EBITDA of €468 million and Clean CCS Net Profit of €124 million


Cepsa posts an adjusted net profit of €754 million for 2018

The Company's integrated business model enabled it to offset lower refining margins with higher profits in Exploration and Production