A total of 69 students from the Campo de Gibraltar region are completing their training internships at Cepsa San Roque

19 Jul 2018

    • The students are doing their internships in different units of the Gibraltar-San Roque Refinery and the Puente Mayorga Chemical Plant
    • Cepsa professionals mentor the students at the facilities and guide them throughout their training program

A total of 69 students from the Campo de Gibraltar region are doing internships at Cepsa's Gibraltar-San Roque Refinery and Puente Mayorga Chemical Plant to complete their academic training.

The students come from various vocational training centers and universities. The former are undergoing training in the fields of chemistry, logistics and administration. The university students come mainly from the University of Cadiz (UCA), although there are also some students from other Spanish institutions, where they study engineering, industrial chemistry and labor relations, or are pursuing Master's degrees in one of these fields.

During this training period, the students are assisted and supervised by Cepsa's professionals in San Roque, who act as mentors, train them in the specific areas of the job, facilitate their adaptation both to an industrial facility and to a professional environment, and bring them closer to the professional world that awaits them. All students receive theoretical and practical safety training prior to their internship program.

Cepsa thus offers Spanish university and vocational training students the opportunity to complete their education through professional internships.

Prospective interns can find out more at www.catedrafundacioncepsa.uca.es

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