Antonio Sanz, delegate of the Andalusian government visits Cepsa San Roque

05 Jul 2017

    • He visited facilities to learn more about the products manufactured at one of the most efficient refineries in Europe and the Company's safety and environmental protection measures
    • The Government of Andalusia delegate was accompanied by the sub-delegate of Cádiz, the mayor of Algeciras and the vice-president of the Municipal Association, among other authorities

This afternoon, the Government of Andalusia delegate, Antonio Sanz, visited Cepsa's facilities in the Cádiz town of San Roque, where he went on a full tour of the complex in order to discover the industrial processes and the products manufactured at the refinery, as well as the safety and environmental protection measures that are implemented by Cepsa.

As part of the visit, which was attended by the director of the Gibraltar-San Roque refinery, Miguel Pérez de la Blanca, the Government delegate was informed about the running of the control room and the innovative control systems in place, which put Cepsa at the forefront of those companies with the most cutting-edge, control-system technology available.

The delegate was accompanied on the tour by the subdelegate of the Government of Cádiz, Agustín Muñoz, the coordinator of the General State Administration Office in Campo de Gibraltar, Ignacio Macías, the mayor of Algeciras, José Ignacio Landaluce, and the vice president of the Campo de Gibraltar Municipal Association, Marina García, among others.

Sanz valued "the strategic importance" of the refinery "for growth and employment" in Campo de Gibraltar, where "it directly employs close to 1,400 workers and creates another 1,400 indirect jobs", which amounts to "over 6,000 positions when taking into account knock-on jobs created by Cepsa in the region," said the delegate.

In this regard, Sanz pointed out that we are talking about "the largest company in Andalusia, the largest refinery in Spain by distillation capacity and the third largest in Europe," thus the importance of the investments it is making "in the largest Andalusian industrial center," both in terms of strategy as well as safety and the environment."
The director of the Refinery, Miguel Pérez de la Blanca, highlighted the importance of visits organized to the facilities, both for citizens in general and for the representatives of the different State administrations. "These meetings allow us to establish close dialog with citizens and their political representatives, and let them get to know Cepsa's facilities in San Roque, the people who work in the industrial complex and the high security, environmental protection and production parameters with which we work," noted the director of the refinery.

Throughout the year in the region, Cepsa has a calendar of tours that are open to all areas of society: institutions, associative networks, education centers, universities, etc.

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