Baleària and Cepsa sign an agreement to offer their customers advantages on travel and at Service Stations

01 Jul 2019

    • Baleària customers that travel to North Africa during ‘Operation Crossing the Strait’ will receive discounts on fuel at Cepsa Service Stations
    • The agreement offers advantages to the members of both companies’ loyalty programs

Baleària and Cepsa have reached a collaboration agreement to offer their customers benefits and advantages on travel and at Service Stations. 

The agreement will benefit the members of both companies’ loyalty programs: Club Baleària and Cepsa’s Porque TU Vuelves program. On the one hand, they will be able to buy fuel with a rebate of up to 6.5 cents per liter, in addition to enjoying discounts in service station stores and on carwash services. On the other, they will be eligible for a 10% discount on tickets purchased from the shipping line. In order to benefit from these advantages, they must be members of both loyalty programs. 

‘Operation Crossing the Strait’ promotion

The agreement reached by the two companies also includes a special promotion limited to the summer months. From now until September 30, Baleària customers that travel on ‘Operation Crossing the Strait’ routes (Algeciras-Ceuta/Tangier, Valencia-Mostaganem, Almería-Nador/Melilla and Malaga-Melilla) will receive a direct 5% discount when they refuel at Cepsa Service Stations. When they purchase their tickets from Baleària, customers will get a discount voucher that they can use from the time they book their trip until the promotion period expires. They just need to show the voucher when they pay at the service station.

As part of this agreement, Baleària will also set up ticket points of sale at Cepsa Service Stations. 

Belén Mateo, director of Cepsa Service Station Franchising, notes: “We are strengthening our relationship with Baleària, a company we’ve been working with in other lines of business for years. The alliance we are entering into now enables us to offer service that better meets the diverse needs of the customers in our extensive network of Service Stations.”

For her part, Verónica Catany, director of Baleària’s marketing division, states: “We feel that this alliance, which enables us to continue enhancing the customer experience in the services we offer, is highly important. The advantage it gives to our ‘Operation Crossing the Strait’ customers, who travel vast distances by car, is particularly significant.”

About Baleària

Baleària is a leading Spanish shipping line in passenger and cargo transport to and from the Balearic Islands, and the only one connecting the four islands in the archipelago. It is one of the largest operators in the Strait of Gibraltar, connecting Ceuta, Melilla and the Canary Islands to mainland ports. 

The company has been providing maritime transport in Spain, Morocco, Algiers, the United States and the Caribbean since 1998. It currently employs more than 1,680 people working at 24 offices and on 31 vessels.

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