Cepsa, the first oil & gas company in Spain to be awarded AENOR’s Anti-Bribery Management Systems certificate

23 Nov 2018

    • The company is one of the first in the sector to be awarded this certification at an international level, underscoring its commitment to best practices in compliance
    • Today Cepsa held its ‘Ethics Day’ in which leading professionals in the field of ethics visited its headquarters
    • This week the company was awarded another certificate in the internal audit area

Cepsa has been awarded the AENOR Anti-Bribery Management Systems certificate according to the UNE-ISO 37001 Standard. It is the first company in the oil & gas sector in Spain to achieve this, and one of the first worldwide. This certificate underscores Cepsa's commitment to international compliance best practices and makes it one of the front runners in the industry.

Cepsa has obtained this certificate because it has an effective Anti-Bribery Management System in place applied to the entire organization and value chain. The system is used to prevent, detect and properly manage possible criminal behavior concerning bribery, both internally and with business partners and its subsidiaries.

Cristina Fabre, Director of Internal Audit, Compliance and Risks at Cepsa, said: “Cepsa is committed to sustainable growth, complying with sector regulations and underpinned by ethical principles and values; to this end, we do our best to have the best international practices and this certification confirms that we are working in the right direction.”

Manuel Romero, Director of Sector Marketing at AENOR, added: “In the Cepsa audit, in accordance with Standard UNE-ISO 37001, AENOR experts found the company had adopted a prevention and anti-corruption policy, that risks are properly identified and assessed, plus adequate staff training and awareness and reporting and investigation procedures are in place.”

The certification obtained also helps to promote a culture of integrity and transparency in business organizations, and improves their reputation.

III Cepsa Ethics Day

This morning, the company held the ‘III Ethics Day’ at Cepsa Tower. The day was attended by Cepsa Deputy Chairman and CEO, Pedro Miró, and the chairman of the Audit, Compliance and Ethics Committee, Ángel Corcóstegui, as well as the heads of Compliance at some of the most important national and international companies such as Telefónica, Pascual, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Mahou and LaLiga, in addition to Cepsa.

The two round tables addressed important issues such as initiatives to improve integrity in companies and complaint and investigation procedures as indicators of transparency. Cepsa pointed out that all the company's professionals need to be committed and play an active role in ethics and compliance work. Cepsa also recommended that a regulation be established to protect whistleblowers so that they feel protected when reporting any irregularities within the company.

Recognized for its good practices in internal auditing

This week Cepsa, was awarded the Internal Audit Practice Quality certificate in accordance with the international standards governing the profession, granted by the Institute of Internal Auditors of Spain (IIA). The company was awarded it for the first time in 2014 and, although this certificate must be certified every five years, Cepsa has done so after only four. This certification guarantees that the activity of the company's Internal Audit Department complies with the requirements of the IIA's ‘International Professional Practice Framework for Internal Auditing’.

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Manuel Romero Manuel Romero, Marketing Director AENOR, Cristina Fabre, director of internal auditing, Compliance and Risks at Cepsa, Javier Nájera, head of Ethics and Compliance at Cepsa
  • Manuel Romero Manuel Romero, Marketing Director AENOR, Cristina Fabre, director of internal auditing, Compliance and Risks at Cepsa, Javier Nájera, head of Ethics and Compliance at Cepsa