Cepsa, the only bunker supplier in the Port of Gibraltar to use mass flow meters

15 Jun 2017

      1. Company strengthens bunker supply operations in the Strait of Gibraltar on both sides of the bay
      2. Cepsa is one of the first companies in Europe and the Mediterranean with this new technology that enables to measure fuel by mass, guaranteeing the accuracy of supply
      3. Only supplier of RMK500 in the Port of Gibraltar

Cepsa has started its bunker supply activity in the Port of Gibraltar using mass flow meters for ships, a new more precise measurement system that guarantees the quantity of product supplied. The new technology, based on the Coriolis affect, enables the amount of fuel supplied to be determined by mass. This in turn avoids calculations being made from measurements by volume corrected by its density and temperature, and also eliminates the possible effect that the presence of air in the flow could have.

In addition to the high levels of fuel supply precision, the innovative mass flow meter delivery system reduces refueling operation times by up to 3 hours and is totally transparent, as it is monitored and assisted continuously and simultaneously. All the measurement system equipment is calibrated, certified and sealed according to the Directive 2014/32/EU (MID), guaranteeing its integrity and reliability.

The success of Cepsa’s bunker operations under this system, which began in the Port of Algeciras last year with Cepsa’s barges in the Strait, has led to the start of operations in the Port of Gibraltar. Cepsa will operate in the Port of Gibraltar with the newly-built ship GREEN CADIZ, which has this technology installed.

Cepsa’s leadership in the Strait of Gibraltar

Cepsa strengthens its leadership in the Strait of Gibraltar, being the only supplier with this new measurement technology, now on both side of the bay of Algeciras. The Company also remains one of the first companies in Europe and the Mediterranean with this new technology. Furthermore, the Company will be the only operator in the Port of Gibraltar to supply marine fuel for RMK500 high-sea routes, along with all types of boat fuels: HSFO380, LSFO380 and MGO.

The company hopes to be able to extend the mass flow measuring system to other ports where it operates, such as Barcelona, Las Palmas, Tenerife or Huelva.

Cepsa is an energy group fully owned by the Mubadala Investment Company that employs more than 10,000 professionals and operates at every stage of the hydrocarbon value chain. It is engaged in petroleum and natural gas exploration and production activities, refining, the transportation and sale of oil and natural gas derivatives, biofuels, co-generation and the sale of electricity.

The Company has developed an important petrochemical area, highly integrated with petroleum refining, in which it manufactures and markets raw materials for producing high added-value products that are mainly used for producing new generation plastics and biodegradable detergents. It has a significant presence in Spain and, thanks to the progressive internationalization of its activities, it is now also active on several continents, selling its products throughout the world.

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