Cepsa, the only global producer of LAB to obtain an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

24 May 2017

    • The company is a world leader in the production of Linear Alkylbenzene (LAB), the main raw material used to make biodegradable detergents
    • Product must pass environmental footprint analysis at its different stages of its life cycle to achieve certification

Cepsa has recently obtained an EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) for its LAB and LABSA products produced at its plants in Spain (San Roque, Cádiz) and Canada (Bécancour). The company has obtained 5 EPDs for its products (Petrelab 550, Petrelab 550Q, Petrelab 500Q, Petresul 550 and Petresul 550Q), making Cepsa the world pioneer in the LAB sector to obtain this certification, in advance of future regulation on this matter. 

certification LAB cepsa
Coral Verge, head of Cepsa Product Protection; Antonio Almodóvar, head of certification firm DNV GL; José Manuel Martínez, head of Cepsa Petrochemicals; and Niurka Sancho, head of Development and Innovation for Petrochemicals

The EPD is a certified environmental declaration under international standard ISO 14025. It concerns environmental information on a product based on an analysis of its life cycle. The methodology involves analyzing and quantifying the environmental footprint of the products at their different stages, from the extraction of the raw materials and the energy sources used in their production, right up to their final state as waste.

Cepsa's environmental commitment is to achieve solid performance by controlling the impact of its activities. That is why the company integrates the environmental procedures defined by international standard ISO 14001 into its management system and meets a series of requirements aimed at encouraging environmental protection and optimizing efficient resource and waste management by balancing socio-economic factors.

World leader in LAB

Cepsa produces 42% of the LAB used in Africa, 26% in Western Europe, 30% in North America, 55% in Latin America and 74% in Spain. This represents 15% of the total world share, equivalent to an annual production of 600,000 tons of this product, the basic raw material used in the manufacture of biodegradable detergents. The company has chemical plants specialized in the production of LAB in Spain, Canada and Brazil.


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