Cepsa acquires 20 Service Stations in the Madrid region and three in Toledo

05 Jul 2017

    • Cepsa offers the six million people who live in the Madrid region a Service Station less than 10 minutes from home
    • The company has 1,541 Service Stations in Spain, 142 in the Madrid region and 35 in Toledo
    • The purchase of the Villanueva, Mateo and Paz groups shows the company's commitment to its Service Station Network

Cepsa has completed the acquisition of 23 Service Stations, twenty of which are located in the Madrid region, and three in the province of Toledo. This acquisition is one of the company’s major milestones for 2017 in the Iberian market, and is one of the most important Service Station purchases in our country in recent years. The acquisition highlights Cepsa’s commitment to this business in Spain following the acquisition, in 2012, of 60 Service Stations in the Canary Islands, all from Chevron’s Spanish subsidiary.

This operation, approved by the National Commission for Markets and Competition, consolidates the company’s position as one of the largest companies in the industry in the Madrid region.

The service stations which have been bought are located on the capital's main roads, the entry to large urban areas and national highways; they are large scale service stations which include retail services, with a wide range of products on offer. You can see the exact location of Cepsa’s 23 new Service Stations through this link.

Currently, Cepsa’s Service Stations in the Madrid region serve over 1.7 million customers, whose average annual consumption of fuel is 1,023 liters, 17% higher than the average consumption in the rest of Spain.

According to Santiago Ruiz, director of the Cepsa Service Station Network: "By acquiring these service stations we have achieved the goal of getting closer to our customers, who now all have a Cepsa Service Station in the Madrid region just 10 minutes from their home. Moreover, they all offer something unique in the marketplace to meet their needs, ensuring a positive experience from the energy they purchase, as well as the products and services from our Service Station shops.”

In total, Cepsa has 1,540 Service Stations in Spain, 142 in the Community of Madrid and 35 in Toledo, all based on a clear customer-oriented model of innovation, safety, added value and loyalty. Not only are they conveniently located, but the company also promotes the highest quality in their products and services and offers great advantages through thePorque tú vuelves loyalty program, as well as various strategic alliances with other business partners.


Cepsa is an energy group wholly owned by Mubadala Investment Company. It employs close to 10,000 professionals and operates at every stage of the hydrocarbon value chain. It is engaged in petroleum and natural gas exploration and production activities, refining, the transportation and sale of oil and natural gas derivatives, biofuels, co-generation and the sale of electricity.

The Company has developed a world-class petrochemical division that is tightly integrated with its oil refining segment, where feedstock is manufactured and sold for the production of high-added-value components, chiefly used in making next-generation plastics and biodegradable detergents. It has a significant presence in Spain and, thanks to the progressive internationalization of its activities, it is now also active on several continents, selling its products throughout the world.

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Cepsa finalizes the acquisition of 23 service stations in Madrid and Toledo