Cepsa begins marketing lubricants in Argentina and studies their production along with local company LAAPSA

17 Nov 2017

    • The agreement covers both automotive and industrial lubricants
    • The agreement with LAAPSA, a prestigious company in this sector in Argentina, strengthens Cepsa's internationalization and growth plans in new markets
    • Argentina is the second largest market for Latin American lubricants

Cepsa, as a leading international company in the manufacture and distribution of lubricants, has signed an agreement with LAAPSA (Lubricantes Argentinos de Alta Performance S.A.), the leader in Argentina, to market automotive and industrial lubricants, and is assessing the possibility of manufacturing them in this country.

Through this agreement, Cepsa has started marketing its lubricants in Argentina. In addition, as of 2018, LAAPSA is expected to start manufacturing a range of lubricants adapted to local requirements at LAAPSA’s factory in the city of Tigre (Buenos Aires), in order to complement the range developed by Cepsa, which is focused on high-end products manufactured by the Company in Spain.

This new agreement is part of the Company’s internationalization plans it has developed over recent years. In this case it will collaborate with LAAPSA, a leading Argentine company with extensive experience in the lubricant sector and with a prominent presence in Latin America, in countries such as Mexico, Brazil and Uruguay.

This agreement brings together the latest technological advances in Cepsa's European manufacturing and LAAPSA's knowledge of the local market and specialized customer service.

To celebrate this alliance, an event was held yesterday in the city of Tigre (Buenos Aires), which was attended by the Spanish ambassador in Argentina, Javier Sandomingo Nùñez; Buenos Aires Governor María Eugenia Vidal; and the mayor of Tigre, Julio Zamora, among other dignitaries. Cepsa's director of commercial international development, Jorge de Blas, attended the event and, on behalf of LAAPSA, its Director General, Gustavo Perfetti, also attended.

During the meeting Cepsa's Jorge de Blas, said: "This is a great opportunity for us to enter a market such as that of Argentina, and with the help of a partner like LAAPSA, with experience in both manufacturing and marketing lubricants.”

He added: “Latin America is a key market in which we want to consolidate our presence and marketing activity. We are sure we can offer a product which stands out. Cepsa's lubricants are manufactured with the highest technology and are approved by the main manufacturers of industrial vehicles and equipment. Having the highest standards allows us to offer products of the finest quality to our customers, no matter where in the world they are located.”

Meanwhile, LAAPSA's Gustavo Perfetti, stated: "Working together with Cepsa allows us to expand our ties across the world. LAAPSA is already present in more than 37 countries with its special lubricants and this alliance will enable us to consolidate a leading position, not only technologically-speaking, but also in innovation in the manufacture of consumer lubricants in our country.

He continued: “Argentina is a highly fragmented market in automotive and transport lubricants, but we are modernizing with the help of specialization and lubricants designed for each vehicle in these segments, and this is where the LAAPSA and Cepsa union creates the force that will differentiate us, so that our customers and users can choose our brands."

Cepsa in Latin America
In addition to Argentina, Cepsa currently markets its lubricants in 10 other Latin American countries: Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Dominican Republic and Uruguay.

The Company also has a substantial presence in Latin America through its Chemicals business (in Brazil), Exploration and Production (in Brazil, Colombia and Peru) and Bunker (in Panama) operations.

Cepsa's lubricants worldwide
Cepsa has a diversified portfolio of lubricants, base oils and paraffin waxes, which it has marketed in over 80 countries since 1950 with a specialized sales team. The Company is looking to continue growing, with its high-technology and low-consumption lubricant range, XTAR, designed for all types of vehicles and fully certified by the leading automobile manufacturers, complying with the highest quality standards.
Cepsa is currently the leading company in Spain and exports products to Europe and other expanding markets, such as Latin America and Asia.

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Representatives of Cepsa with their counterparts from LAAPSA at an event in Tigre (Buenos Aires)
  • Representatives of Cepsa with their counterparts from LAAPSA at an event in Tigre (Buenos Aires)
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