Cepsa provides technological improvements to Tenerife Refiniery through two new steam boilers

    • The technology used allows to reduce CO2, SO2 and NOx emissions in steam production by more than 35%
    • The new boilers have represented an investment of nearly two and a half million euros
    • Cepsa has launched two new boilers in the Tenerife Refinery that allow it to be more efficient in generating the water vapor needed for the Plant. The efficiency is given both by the reduction of emissions and the fuel used.

The technology implemented reduces the CO2, SO2 and NOx emissions associated with the steam production required to meet the current needs of the refinery by more than 35%. The new boilers also represent a substantial improvement in energy efficiency, since their implementation reduces fuel consumption by a similar percentage.

The steam generated by these boilers is used to maintain the temperature of storage and transfer of certain products, such as fuels and asphalts, which need to be heat-treated for handling.

This implementation, carried out after satisfactorily passing the acceptance tests to which Cepsa submits all its facilities before its start-up, has involved an investment of nearly two and a half million euros.

This solution for steam generation complements the technological update carried out in the process area with the launch, in 2015, of a Reverse Osmosis Plant for the desalination of seawater.

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