Cepsa helps to improve Canary Islands roads with its latest generation of bitumens

20 Mar 2018

  • The Company begins direct distribution and marketing of polymer modified bitumen in the Canaries
  • This product increases driving quality, improves safety and reduces fuel consumption and tire wear

As part of the expansion of its commercial activities in the Canary Islands to meet demand in this market, and as part of its steadfast commitment toward the Islands, Cepsa has begun to directly market and distribute its asphalt and derivative products here.

Last year it began to market conventional bitumens (which it already produced but did not sell directly), and the Company has recently received the first shipment of polymer-modified bitumen, manufactured in-house, which arrived by ship at Cepsa's facilities in the capital of Tenerife. Its commercial name is Elaster Canarias.

Elaster Canarias is a cutting-edge product, developed by the company in its Research Center, which can be used to keep paving in perfect condition for a longer period of time, reducing wear and tear, improving lower rolling resistance and, therefore, lower fuel and tire costs. At the same time, it enhances driving quality.

This product also increases road safety by increasing tire interaction and grip and by reducing the noise level of the tires in contact with the asphalt mixture.

It has an improved formula adapted to the needs of both storage and maritime transport to the capital of Tenerife. Having undergone tests to verify that Elaster Canarias has maintained all its physical and chemical properties during transportation, it is now available to users on both this island and the rest of the Canary Islands.

This state of the art modified bitumen, now available in the Canaries to improve its roads, has a high elasticity, very high storage stability, excellent handling, great resistance to aging and excellent performance at high and low temperatures, making it very versatile in the ways it can be applied.

Thanks to its high durability, the Elaster products family is able to withstand high traffic intensity while maintaining road properties for longer and reducing their maintenance. These bitumens have already been used in large infrastructures in the Iberian Peninsula, and they are widely used in motorways and highways.

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