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Cepsa presents XTAR Moto, the new range of next generation lubricant oils

2017-05-04 04 May 2017

    • XTAR Moto, the new range of lubricant oils, is especially designed to meet the strict requirements of next-generation motorcycles and mopeds.
    • This novel formulation protects engines, both 4-stroke and 2-stroke, with specific products suited to the needs of every engine type and driving style

Cepsa has presented its new special lubricants for motorcycles and mopeds: XTAR Moto and Cepsa Moto. The new range of oils for motorcycles and mopeds meets the stricter technical requirements of new engines, both 4-stroke and 2-stroke, due to the technological developments achieved by motorcycle manufacturers.

The new product family comprises a range of synthetic and mineral lubricant oils for lubricating motorcycle engines that need to meet highly specific technical performance characteristics, since they are exposed to more power and higher RPMs than other types of engines. The new lubricant oils, with cutting-edge additive technology, are aimed at users who are looking to obtain the highest levels of detergency, antiwear protection and low emissions, maintaining each type of engine in perfect working order and ensuring maximum performance.

Specific lubricant oils for each type of engine: 4-stroke and 2-stroke

For these new market needs, Cepsa has created and expanded this novel range of “Premium” products, designed with a combination of top-quality mineral and synthetic base oils, along with specific additives for motorcycle engines. This new formulation, referred to as EfficientLUB®, protects the engine components and achieves maximum engine performance and efficiency, improving its technical data.

Every engine type and driving style has its own specific needs. In this regard, the new XTAR Moto 4T and Cepsa Moto 4T synthetic lubricant oil ranges have been designed to protect the three most critical points of a motorcycle: engine, transmission and clutch, even under the harshest temperatures and driving styles. Cepsa has developed these new oils, achieving maximum thermal stability, greater protection against wear and higher detergency, preventing the formation of dirt and harmful deposits on the critical surface areas.

The new XTAR motorcycle lubricant oils, with EfficientLUB® technology, comply with the strictest quality standards on the market: JASO MA, which regulates the higher engine, transmission and clutch protection, and API SN, which contemplates the most severe engine performance.

The expanded XTAR Moto 4T range is available in practically every SAE grade: 10W-30, 5W-40, 10W-50, 10W-40, 15W-50, 20W-50 and 20W-40, according to the specific technical requirements of new engines. Therefore, city motorcycles, sports motorcycles, quads, ATVs, scooters, V-Twin, classic and competition motorcycles now have specific high-performance lubricant oils suited to the technical features of each engine and driving style.

The XTAR range of lubricant oils is completed with specific oils for 2-stroke motorcycle and moped engines, which require greater cleaning, reduction of polluting emissions and elimination of residue deposits, improving engine operation. In this regard, Cepsa's Moto 2T synthetic or mineral lubricant oils are formulated with cutting-edge ester-based technology, which guarantees the cleaning and the durability of this type of engine.

This new top range of lubricant oils for 2-stroke engines has passed the strictest tests in terms of lubricity, detergency and smoke reduction (JASO and ISO).

The new XTAR Moto range of lubricant oils was presented at the same time as the Jerez MotoGP race was held. As in previous years, Cepsa has joined the quintessential motorcycling event in Spain, with the creation of its “OASIS” areas, places designed at some of its service stations on the road to Jerez, where riders can get basic service for their bikes, take a break or take part in raffles and promotions, among other activities.

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