Cepsa presents its innovative gas bottle in the Canary Islands

21 Apr 2017

    • Lighter, safer, more comfortable and more manageable than the traditional bottle, it is served at Cepsa Service Stations and at home
    • The Company reinforces with its new bottle the leadership in the energy supply of the Canary Islands
    • One more step in Cepsa's historical and constant commitment to the development of the Archipelago

The event was attended by the Minister of Economy, Industry, Trade and Knowledge of the Government of the Canary Islands, Pedro Ortega, the Regional Deputy Minister of Industry, Energy and Trade, Adrián Mendoza, the fifth Vice President of the Cabildo de Tenerife, Jesús Morales, and the Councilor for the Treasury of the Santa Cruz de Tenerife City Council, Juan José Martínez, who accompanied the director of Cepsa Comercial Petróleo, Álvaro Díaz, and the director of the Gas area of the Company, Filipe Henriques, among others responsible for the Company.

cepsa botella gas innova canarias

Díaz Bild recalled during his speech the commitment of the Company with the Canary Islands, where he has more than 85 years of presence, guaranteeing the energy supply of the Archipelago. "Our history was born in 1930, with the Tenerife Refinery, and since then we have been introducing various commercial activities: supply of fuel for ships, kerosene for airplanes, lubricants, fuels for power generation, and the network of Cepsa service stations , besides the direct sale of fuels to industrial, agricultural, business clients ... and also of asphalts. With the arrival of our bottles of bottled gas we can affirm that at last we commercialize all our range of products directly in the Canary Islands ".

For Henriques, "Cepsa always thinks about safety, and we have achieved the lightest bottle on the market in its size, because its completely full weight is below 20 kilos, which is the maximum established by the regulations for the prevention of occupational hazards. cargo handling. " In addition, he assured that "the service we offer is absolutely new in the Canary Islands, because apart from covering 24 hours a day, we have made available to users a unique telephone and we have launched a specific app and a website to assist them".

For his part, the Minister of Economy, Industry, Trade and Knowledge of the Government of the Canary Islands, Pedro Ortega, stressed that with this new commercial line Cepsa "contributes to expand the supply of operators and gas traders that exists in the Canary Islands." At the same time, "it allows a greater supply of fuel in the residential, tourist and industrial sector to cover heat demand without the need to use electricity, which favors the rational use of energy, since the use of gas in the sector residential is an important energy saving ".

In his speech, Jesús Morales congratulated the Company for this new line of business in the Islands. "The entry of a new canned gas marketer in the Canary Islands is positive because it will benefit consumers." The fifth vice president of the Cabildo encouraged Cepsa to continue betting on innovation and wished success for this activity.


The Innova bottle, which is one hundred percent compatible with any butane installation, has many advantages over the traditional bottle that has been distributed so far in the Canary Islands. Between them they emphasize his lightness, because with a quantity of similar product weigh practically half in emptiness, and his greater hygiene, thanks to his manufacture in stainless steel of high resistance, that avoids escapes by impact, and to his novel handle saves valves, together to which they are more comfortable and manageable by their design without edges.

As an added value, Cepsa's bottles include an innovative technological system that identifies each container and allows it to be tracked throughout its life cycle, from manufacturing to its arrival to the consumer, and its return to the Company's facilities. its new filling, which allows a complete traceability.

Its use is both residential and professional, and is mainly aimed at the generation of hot water, heat in catalytic stoves and calls in kitchens in homes, hotels, catering establishments, schools, and so on.

After starting with the commercialization of the new bottle at Cepsa service stations in Tenerife and Gran Canaria, home distribution was recently started in the main urban centers of both islands and, gradually, it will be extended to the rest of the archipelago.

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