Cepsa launches exclusive musical project in the Canaries

22 Jun 2017

    • A total of 15 concerts with eight internationally renowned artists will fill the Islands with music
    • The program of concerts will take place between June 30th and November 26th on eight stages in Tenerife and Gran Canaria

This morning, Cepsa brought its new musical project for the Canary Islands to the Adán Martín Auditorium in Tenerife, which, with the slogan "Cepsa te acerca tu música" ("Cepsa brings your music to you"), will offer the people of the Islands 15 concerts and eight international stars on eight different stages on Tenerife and Gran Canaria.

Through this project, Cepsa is connecting with the passion for live music, introducing JUAN LUIS GUERRA’s only concert in the Canaries, which will also feature a guest spot performance by ORISHAS. In addition, the Company will be a top sponsor of various concerts at the Mar Abierto festival, which will host artists such as LOQUILLO, LUIS FONSI, CARLOS VIVES, MALUMA, DAVID BISBAL, GOD SAVE THE QUEEN and BARBARA HENDRICKS.

This initiative allows Cepsa to bring the people of the Canary Islands their favorite music and artists, so that over 100,000 people can enjoy and savor this entire repertoire.

The program of concerts will take place between June 30th and November 26th. The stages selected in Tenerife are the Pabellón Santiago Martín, the port area ("Recinto Portuario") in Tenerife's capital city, the Teatro Guimerá, the Costa Adeje Golf Course and the Antonio Domínguez Stadium annex in Arona. In Gran Canaria, the shows will take place at the Alfredo Kraus Auditorium, the Gran Canaria Arena and the Gran Canaria Stadium annex.

In attendance at the launch event were the Minister for Innovation, Education, Culture and Sports for Cabildo de Tenerife (the island's governing body), Antonio García Marichal; the Councilman for Economic Development, Employment, Tourism and Commerce for Santa Cruz de Tenerife City Council, Alfonso Cabello; and the island's Director of Culture and Education for Cabildo de Tenerife, José Luis Rivero, all of whom were accompanied by Cepsa's Marketing Director, Joaquín Abril-Martorell, Planet Events Director, Chen Castaño, and Cepsa's Canary Islands Director, José Manuel Fernández Sabugo.


LOQUILLO returns with his track Salud y Rock´n Roll, on June 30th at the Gran Canaria Arena and July 1st at the Pabellón Santiago Martín in Tenerife.

LUIS FONSI, who continues to have worldwide success with his hit Despacito, on July 21st at the Gran Canaria Stadium Annex and the 22nd at the Recinto Portuario in Tenerife.

CARLOS VIVES will pass through the Canaries on his "La fiesta de todos" tour, on August 4th at the Gran Canaria Stadium Annex and the 5th at the Antonio Dominguez Stadium Annex in Arona, Tenerife.

The latina star of the moment, MALUMA, on September 8th at the Parking de Parque Marítimo in Tenerife and the 9th at the Gran Canaria Stadium Annex.

Spanish singer DAVID BISBAL with his new album Hijos del mar, on September 15th at the Gran Canaria Arena the 16th at the Pabellón Santiago Martín in Tenerife.

The best tribute band in the world, GOD SAVE THE QUEEN, with their "Don't stop me now" show, on November 10th in Gran Canaria and the 11th in Tenerife.

Finally, the lyric soprano and jazz performer BARBARA HENDRICKS, November 24th at the Alfredo Kraus Auditorium in Gran Canaria and the 26th at the Teatro Guimerá in Tenerife.

In addition, Cepsa will be present at what will be one of the biggest events of the summer, the only JUAN LUIS GUERRA concert in the Canaries, an artist whose career spans over 30 years and who has sold 30 million records, next July 15th at the Adeje Golf Course in Tenerife. There will also be a performance by ORISHAS as a guest artist. After more than seven years of absence, the Cubans are heading back to the stage to infect us with their music.

With projects such as "Cepsa te acerca tu música", conceived exclusively for the Canaries, the Company is strengthening its commitment to the Islands, where it began operating 87 years ago and has a history of collaborating with the community's culture and society.

Cepsa in the canaries

Cepsa is the energy support for the archipelago and guarantees the supply of fuels for land, sea and air. As it is present in the daily lives of the Canarians, it offers fuel supply to ships at the port of Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, of kerosene at all of the airports of the Archipelago, fuels for vehicles across a network with almost 80 service stations, and it directly sells a wide range of productions such as lubricants, fuel for electricity, petrol and diesel, asphalt, etc. In addition, it now has a new business line with the launch of its butane and propane canisters across the Archipelago. In so doing, the Company is meeting much of the Islands' energy needs, playing a major social role in maintaining the welfare of the Canarians and guaranteeing them energy supply.

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